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Corpses washed away from cemeteries during storms in SE France

Flood waters caused by the exceptionally violent rainstorms that hit south-east France at the weekend, in which four people have been confirmed to have died while many more are reported missing, unearthed corpses from local cemeteries, some of which have since been discovered on Italian beaches.

Natural disaster declared as storms wreck French crops

French agriculture minister Didier Guillaume said a state of 'natural disaster' would be declared to help insurance relief for French farmers, notably in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region of central and south-east France where violent storms, including hailfalls, ravaged fruit crops.

Storms leave deaths and havoc across France

Days of unusually heavy rainfall across France, forecast to ease as of Wednesday, have left four dead in weather-related accidents and several people injured after a waterlogged embankment collapsed causing a Paris suburban train to tip over, while homes in parts of the north-east of the country were damaged by flooding.

Girl dies and vineyards destroyed as violent storms strike France

Child aged six  killed by falling branch as hailstorms sweep west of country including parts of the Bordeaux wine region.

Strong winds, rough seas alert for west and southern France

French weather agency warns that strengthening storms late Monday coinciding with high tides presents risk of flooding in some areas.

Heavy rainfall causes flooding in southern France

Repairs and cleaning operations began Monday after weekend storms across a swathe of S. France damaged roads, flooded streets and swept cars away.

High tides and storms hit French Atlantic and Channel coasts

Many coastal towns built temporary sea barriers as unusually high tides, due to last a month, began on Friday, whipped up by storm-force winds.

Two dead, several injured, as fierce storms sweep France

The man and woman died, and two other people were seriously injured, in separate incidents in southern France caused by violent storms.

Holiday traffic and summer storms clog French roads

Major congestion was predicted as holiday departures reached a peak at the weekend, while much of the country was hit by violent storms.

Violent storms cross France

A second weather alert in 24 hours was issued Monday for a large swathe of France after rain and hail storms caused havoc overnight Sunday.

More than 21,000 birds found dead after fierce storms in France

The 21,341 recorded bird deaths were mostly Atlantic puffins, guillemots and razor-billed auks which starved after winds blew them off course. 

Western France back on storm alert

After enduring weeks of storms and flooding, France's western seabord faces a fresh battering from strong winds, heavy rainfall and high tides.

Thousands of French homes still without power as storms return

Some 2,000 homes in Brittany were hit by power cuts from fresh storms on Friday, while 7,500 others remained cut off by damage from Storm Dirk.

Fierce storms leave 240,000 French homes without electricity

After winds of up to130 k.p.h. caused havoc in western France, efforts were launched to try to fix damage to electricity network for Christmas.

French wine producers count 'catastrophic' cost of week's hailstorms

Bordeaux and Burgundy producers face financial disaster after storms devastated thousands of hectares of vine uninsured because of high costs.