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'Dirty Paris' hashtag campaign prompts political bunfight

Rightwing opponents of socialist Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo have jumped onto a social media buzz that went viral over the Easter weekend highlighting uncollected rubbish and graffiti on the streets of the French capital, which Paris city hall officials have denounced as a 'political smear cmpaign'.

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French far right leader Marine Le Pen faces trial for comments on Muslims

The president of the Front National faces charges of inciting racial hatred after comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi Occupation.

France to keep 10,000 troops on its streets

The numbers of troops deployed in a security plan introduced after the January Paris terrorist attacks will be maintained in the immediate future.

Marine Le Pen expected to face charges for incitement to racial hatred

French far-right leader, who compared Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation, faces prosecution after immunity is lifted by fellow MEPs.