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Industrial action grows in French emergency wards over lack of staff and beds

The Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris where the protest began. © DR The Saint-Antoine hospital in Paris where the protest began. © DR

On May 25th some 200 emergency department nursing staff met in Paris to discuss their growing strike action, which has so far been largely ignored by the government. A national demonstration will be held in the French capital on June 6th as part of their protest over what they claim are overcrowded casualty wards, a lack of beds and a shortage of staff. Accident and emergency doctors are now also calling for a walk-out. Caroline Coq-Chodorge reports on a growing protest within the French health system.

Public sector workers hold nationwide protests against Macron reforms

French public sector workers held a one-day strike on Tuesday against reforms planned by President Emmanuel Macron's government, which include the shedding of 120,000 jobs, notably disrupting transport, educational and energy services in a third day of action that also saw 130 demonstrations across the country.  

French air-traffic controllers' strike to disrupt European flights

France's civil aviation authority has warned of significant disruption to flights during a strike from Monday evening to Wednesday morning by French air-traffic controllers in support of demands for increased pay and staff numbers, part of a series of public sector strikes called for Tuesday.

Air France-KLM boss to quit after staff reject pay deal

Jean-Marc Janaillac's decision has plunged airline into turmoil amid wave of strikes at its French brand that has cost company 300 million euros.

Tourists and commuters change plans amid French rail strike

Rail firm SNCF says some 86% of trains were cancelled nationwide on Wednesday in second day of industrial action by workers.

The public sector strike in France: which services will be affected

The one-day strike of public sector employees in France against government reforms on Thursday will disrupt many services, and FRANCE 24 has drawn up a guide to which sectors will be hardest hit.

Massive public sector strike in France on Thursday

Unions have called an across-the-board strike by public sector employees on Thursday against President Emmanuel Macron's economic reform programme, in a key test of strength that is likely to severely affect transport, education, hospital and administrative services in particular.  

French justice minister ups offer in talks to end prison guards' strike

French justice minister Nicole Belloubet on Thursday presented an improved offer on pay and security conditions to unions representing France's 28,000 prison guards who last week began an open-ended strike following a series of assaults by inmates, notably including detained Islamic militants.

French prison guards strike moves into second week

An open-ended strike by French prison guards over pay and conditions, prompted by a series of assaults on staff in several jails across the country, will enter a second week on Monday, with unions calling for a ‘total blockage’ of establishments after government proposals to increase staff numbers were rejected at the weekend.

Teachers strike at French secondary schools abroad over spending cuts

A major French teachers' union organised strikes at almost 500 secondary schools around the world run by the France's education system in protest at new spending cuts it estimates will amount to 33 million euros and threaten 500 teaching jobs.

UPDATE: French unions claim 400,000 protest public sector cuts

During a one-day strike on Tuesday by French public sector workers over pay and budgetary cuts, a move aligning all nine public sector staff unions together for the first time in ten years, street protests across town and cities in France drew more than 400,000 people according to trades unions - and half that number according to interior ministry estimations.

French public sector workers stage one-day strike

Hospital staff, teachers and air traffic controllers were among millions of employees from the French public sector staging a one-day strike on Monday in protest over pay and budgetary restrictions, and notably a wage freeze for certain categories introduced by Presuident Emmanuel Macron, with street demonstrations held in several major towns and cities.

French air traffic controllers to strike

Four-day strike over hours and conditions, called by the UNSA union, will lead to cancelled flights between Monday 6th and Friday March 10th.

Flights disrupted as French air traffic controllers strike

Hundreds of flights to France or which cross the country's airspace were cancelled due to the 14th strike by French air traffic controllers this year, called to protest labour law reforms made law in July.

Air France cabin staff strike sees one in five flights cancelled

The strike, which centres on a dispute over pay and promotion and which began last Wednesday, may cause other, last-minute cancellations, warned airline.