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French prison guards strike moves into second week

An open-ended strike by French prison guards over pay and conditions, prompted by a series of assaults on staff in several jails across the country, will enter a second week on Monday, with unions calling for a ‘total blockage’ of establishments after government proposals to increase staff numbers were rejected at the weekend.

Teachers strike at French secondary schools abroad over spending cuts

A major French teachers' union organised strikes at almost 500 secondary schools around the world run by the France's education system in protest at new spending cuts it estimates will amount to 33 million euros and threaten 500 teaching jobs.

UPDATE: French unions claim 400,000 protest public sector cuts

During a one-day strike on Tuesday by French public sector workers over pay and budgetary cuts, a move aligning all nine public sector staff unions together for the first time in ten years, street protests across town and cities in France drew more than 400,000 people according to trades unions - and half that number according to interior ministry estimations.

French public sector workers stage one-day strike

Hospital staff, teachers and air traffic controllers were among millions of employees from the French public sector staging a one-day strike on Monday in protest over pay and budgetary restrictions, and notably a wage freeze for certain categories introduced by Presuident Emmanuel Macron, with street demonstrations held in several major towns and cities.

French air traffic controllers to strike

Four-day strike over hours and conditions, called by the UNSA union, will lead to cancelled flights between Monday 6th and Friday March 10th.

Flights disrupted as French air traffic controllers strike

Hundreds of flights to France or which cross the country's airspace were cancelled due to the 14th strike by French air traffic controllers this year, called to protest labour law reforms made law in July.

Air France cabin staff strike sees one in five flights cancelled

The strike, which centres on a dispute over pay and promotion and which began last Wednesday, may cause other, last-minute cancellations, warned airline.

Air France cabin crews begin six-day strike

The airline said 37% of cabin staff were expected to join the strike beginning July 27th, but it expects about 90% of long-haul and domestic flights to operate.

Ryanair to cancel 102 flights as French air traffic controllers strike

Budget airline calls on European Commission to take action, claiming it is the 53rd French ATC strike in seven years.

Air France pilots to strike again

The three pilots' unions have called a fresh stoppage from June 24th to June 27th as negotiations with airline management break down.

Air France says around 80% of flights operate Sunday and Monday

Unions claim 70% of pilots are involved in the four-day pilots' strike, to end Tuesday, but airline says 85% of long-haul and domestic flights will operate Monday.

Air France pilots' strike sees one fifth of flights cancelled

The strike, in protest against proposed wage cuts and working hours, which will last until Tuesday, joins separate protest strikes by rail and waste collection workers.

Air France pilots call strike for June

Two unions, together representing about 75% of pilots, have called a strike June 11th-14th over pay and which they say could be extended.

French rail strike adds to travel chaos

Rail unions' strike, upping pressure on negotiations over future working conditions, comes as France faces severe disruption because of flooding.

Air France pilots vote in favour of 'long' strike

The company's largest pilots' union said no date had yet been decided for the strike, which was decided 'in principle' over pay demands.