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Rubbish piles up in Paris as binmen join anti-labour law reform protests

Blockades at waste collection centres are preventing rubbish collection in the capital and other cities, while strikes are also disrupting rail services.

French PM vows no change to labour law reforms despite strikes

Manuel Valls said French are 'too used to feeling that reform is impossible and it’s enough to contest it in the street for reform not to happen'.

As strikes begin Hollande insists labour law reform will not be removed

The French president said the contoversial legislation offered 'best performance for businesses' and 'new rights to employees' will not be withdrawn.

France braced for transport sector chaos amid unfolding strike action

Trades union protests against labour law reforms, along with separate pay demands, will this week see widespread rail and air transport strikes.

Blockades are a 'weapon to make people aware' say French labour law protesters

The protest against the labour law reforms held in Montpellier on May 26th, 2016. © T.A The protest against the labour law reforms held in Montpellier on May 26th, 2016. © T.A

Amid blockades of oil depots and strikes in a number of key sectors in France, opponents against planned labour law reforms in France took to the streets again on Thursday May 26th. Mediapart spoke to people taking part in a march in the city of Montpellier, in the south of France, to find out why they are protesting. The demonstrators say they fully back the strikes and blockades which they see as their equivalent of article 49-3 of the French Constitution which is being used to force the deeply-controversial reforms through Parliament. Timothée Aldebert reports.

France labour dispute: Hollande 'won't back down' over protests

Speaking from G7 summit in Japan, French president insisted the changes that have sparked protests, strikes and blockades are 'good reforms'.

France labour dispute: wave of strike action nationwide

Oil refineries, nuclear power plants and transport hubs were hit, motorways and bridges were blocked and protesters clashed with police.

France prepares for day of strikes as nuclear workers join protests

French workers are staging an eighth day of industrial action against labour law reforms as nuclear staff aim to reduce plants' power output.

Strikes bring shortages in hundreds of French petrol stations

Protests over labour law reform have led to blockades and fall in refinery output that hamper fuel supply and have prompted consumer panic.

Taxi drivers take to the streets in day of French strikes

Hundreds of taxi drivers took to the streets of Paris, burning car tyres and blocking routes to the capital’s principal airports in major protest.

Travel chaos in France with major aviation and taxi strike

Airlines told to cancel one in five flights in face of air traffic controllers' strike, while taxi strike adds to travel and commuting woes.

French taxi, aviation strikes threaten travel chaos

Taxi drivers and air traffic controllers set to join a strike on Tuesday called by three unions representing France’s 5 million civil servants.

Jets launch attacks on Islamic State positions from French carrier

Two raids against IS targets in Syria and Iraq were launched from the Charles de Gaulle which arrived in the eastern Mediterranean on Monday.

Air France to unveil drastic cost-cutting plan

Decision to announce cuts next week comes after breakdown in talks with pilots’ unions to trim €170 million annually over three years.

Easyjet's French arm cabin crews call fresh strikes for New Year

The action on December 31st and January 1st over pay and working conditions follow Christmas stoppages that cancelled a quarter of flights.