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French student sets himself on fire citing financial difficulties

The 22-year-old, studying at university in the south-east city of Lyon, posted a message about his dire financial problems on Facebook shortly before setting himself alight in front of a student canteen when he sustained 90% burns.

French student, 27, missing for nine days in Italy found dead in ravine

Simon Gautier, who was studying art history in Rome, was last heard alerting emergency services in a call in which he said he had suffered a fall while trekking a remote area near Naples and had broken both legs.

French murder suspects 'inspired by Breaking Bad' TV series

Suspects planned to use corrosive acid to dissolve dismembered corpse of 23-year-old female victim, as depicted on TV show.

German politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit gets French nationality

The Green activist, who was once known as 'Dany the Red', was expelled from France after leading student uprising in May 1968.

French Muslim student banned from school for wearing long black skirt

Headteacher reportedly felt long skirt 'conspicuously' showed religious affiliation, which is banned in French schools under strict secular laws.

Son of executed North Korean official 'disappears' in Paris

An audacious North Korean kidnap plot is foiled at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport as 'Asian men' attempted to bundle student onto plane.

French couple sued for not helping drunk student who drowned

Mother sues couple who saw her drunk son and who 'laughed at him, filmed him with a smartphone and let him leave' rather than help him.