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French students take to streets in labour law reform protests

School and university students took to the streets across France to protest government's proposed reform to free-up the labour market.

Why President Hollande fears France's students

What French governments fear: when students take to the streets. © Reuters What French governments fear: when students take to the streets. © Reuters

A total of 20 student and youth organisations have called for protests on Wednesday, March 9th against the government's proposed reforms of employment law. Though the formal presentation of the bill has now been postponed pending further discussions with trade unions, ministers still fear the spectre of widespread social mobilisation, of the kind seen ten years ago that sank plans for new workplace contracts. In particular, President François Hollande is afraid the final months of his presidency would be doomed if students take to the streets in large numbers. Lénaïg Bredoux and Faïza Zerouala report on the unpredictability of France's student protests.

Afraid, the young people of Paris refuse to bow to terror

Les étudiants de la Sorbonne (Paris-V) observent une minute de silence, le lundi 16 novembre. © Reuters Les étudiants de la Sorbonne (Paris-V) observent une minute de silence, le lundi 16 novembre. © Reuters

The shootings and bombings in Paris on the evening of Friday November 13th targeted people – mainly young people – who had simply gone out to enjoy themselves. Two days after the killings Mediapart talked to pupils and students from the Paris region as they went back to school or university. Many spoke of their fear of being “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and are still struggling to make sense of the carnage. But they insist they are determined to carry on living their lives to the full. Mathilde Goanec, Dan Israel, Amélie Poinssot and Ellen Salvi report.

French students held over woman's murder 'inspired by US TV series'

Three men and a woman were arrested after the dismembered body of a 23-year-old student was found in a plastic container filled with acid.

Indian students in France allowed two years' residence after studies end

The reciprocal agreement between France and India will allow their nationals in either country a 24-month extension of visas post-studies.

French far-right leader Le Pen draws protests in Oxford

Protesters held up placards with slogans such as 'Le Pen never again' as Front National president appeared at the Oxford Union debating society.

France to review student scholarships amid rising costs

A new survey reveals that student living costs have risen four times faster than inflation over the past year in France.

Chinese students attacked in south-west France

The six oenology students were attacked at a hostel in a village near Bordeaux, leaving one of them seriously injured from glass cuts to her face.

France moves to catch up lost ground in the race for foreign talent


Earlier this week the French Senate held the first of two parliamentary consultative debates to explore how to make France a more attractive destination for skilled foreign professionals and students, an issue that has long been neglected and submerged under the anti-immigration policies and political rhetoric of the government’s predecessors. In a move to catch up with initiatives launched by other countries, the government plans to present a bill of law this summer to reform its immigration legislation to attempt to facilitate and encourage professional immigration. Carine Fouteau reports on how what was once a political taboo is now the subject of an open and aggressive competition for an ever-growing and increasingly-needed pool of talent worldwide.

Paris pips London as 'best city for students'

Paris has come first in a ranking of the world's 50 best cities for students, head of "expensive" London in second spot.

France sending North African graduates home

A French government crackdown on numbers of work permits issued to foreign graduates has outraged North Africans, forced to return home.