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France's suburbs feel 'disrespected' by Macron plan

President's proposals to get deprived suburbs back on track are so far falling short of expectations, according to some local groups.

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France's €5billion plan for troubled suburbs

Report lists 19 programmes to boost presence of state in low-income areas, including a 'leaders' academy' modelled on Paris's elite ENA college.

The post-attacks challenge for France in integrating its disaffected suburbs

The gulf separating the populations of high-rise, low income, out-of-town neighbourhoods from the rest of France is wider today than ever.

France unveils new aid plan for deprived urban areas

Government announces about 5bn euros of direct state investment will be injected next year into projects to generate jobs and improve housing.

The reality of France's troubled 'banlieues', as told by those who live there

 © Michel Le Moine © Michel Le Moine

The Paris suburb of Le Blanc-Mesnil is typical of dozens of socially-deprived agglomerations that surround the capital’s northern perimeter, characterized by zones of high-rise public housing estates, higher than average unemployment, especially among the young, and a significant population of North and West African origin who complain of being stigmatized and discriminated against. While the stereotypes of those who live in what are commonly called les banlieues are reinforced by regular incidents of violence, drug dealing and social unrest, local inhabitants are rarely offered a public stage to challenge the narrow perceptions that ignore the broader realities of their community. But now, in a rare and insightful book published last month, a group of women residents of Le Blanc-Mesnil recount with frankness and simplicity their everyday experiences, both positive and negative, of life amid the troubled suburbs. Carine Fouteau reports.

French sink estate gang-rape horror trial ends in fiasco

Ten men were acquitted and four received short sentences over gang-rape of teenage girls in a trial described by one lawyer as a "judicial shipwreck".

France opens door to Qatari cash for deprived suburbs

France is to allow Qatar to invest millions of euros to help business creation in depressed suburbs, in a controversial move first floated a year ago.

The Riots Of Paris and London: A Tale Of Two Cities

The violence that has broken out in London and other British cities draws comparison with the urban riots that erupted across France in 2005.