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Ex-gendarme identified as 'pockmarked' killer after 35-year hunt

The DNA of a former gendarme who later joined France's national police force has matched that found in evidence from a series of murders and rapes dating back to 1986, it has been confirmed, shortly after he was found dead on Wednesday alongside a suicide note containing a confession.

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US chef and TV star Anthony Bourdain found dead in French hotel

Anthony Bourdain, 61, a New York chef who shot to fame with a bestselling book about the 'underbelly' of kitchen life, and who went on to host a regular series of travel programmes on TV has been found dead in a hotel room in Strasbourg, eastern France, after committing suicide, said his employer CNN. 

Suicides, stress and strokes: the daily risks facing France's postal workers


In 2012 the French post office La Poste agreed to set up a commission to find ways to reduce work-related stress, illness and suicides following its abrupt change of status from state-run enterprise to a limited company funded by the public purse. But today unions and workplace health experts say that many of the group's 260,000 staff are still suffering from the pace of change caused by endless reorganisation. As Rachida El Azzouzi reports, management are now in talks with unions in a bid to solve the problem.

French prosecutor opens probe after woman's suicide live on Periscope

The young woman was watched by users of the live video-streaming app when she jumped into the path of a Paris suburban commuter train.

Hundreds of French farmers killing themselves every year

Up to 600 agricultural workers a year kill themselves in France with low pay resulting from reduced farm prices seen as contributory cause.

French euthanasia doctor 'attempts suicide'

Nicolas Bonnemaison, who was convicted of poisoning a terminally ill patient, was found slumped in a vehicle in south-west France.

French socialist senator commits suicide as corruption trial opens

Jean Germain was charged over a business in which Chinese tourists renewed wedding vows in the historic town of Tours, when he was its mayor.

Alps crash: descent may have been 'suicidal choice' by pilot, claim experts

With one pilot locked out of cockpit, events point to the suicide or sudden illness of remaining pilot, with latter theory unlikely say experts.

Suicide rate increases with unemployment in France, says study

Analysis shows that when jobless rate increases by 10 percent, suicide rate goes up by about 1.5 percent for whole population aged 15 or above.

Four found dead in Bordeaux hotel room

A couple were found hanged and their children aged 13 and 16 had been poisoned, according to police who are investigating the family 'tragedy'.

Man commits suicide in Paris primary school

The man in his 50s shot himself with a sawn-off shotgun in front of a dozen children at a primary school close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Notorious French bank robber commits suicide after drugs arrest

Marc Armando was the suspected mastermind behind the 1992 robbery of the Bank of France in Toulon in which 146 million francs were stolen.

Doctor for French "Survivor" kills himself after contestant dies

Thierry Costa, 38, who took his life in Cambodia where series was filmed left a note saying he had been unfairly criticised over the contestant's death.

One of France's top criminal lawyers 'commits suicide'


Olivier Metzner had one of the most glittering legal careers in France, and was involved in famous cases such as Clearstream and the ongoing Bettencourt saga. But the man from a modest farming family is dead. His body was discovered floating off the private island he owned off Brittany and an apparent suicide note was in his pocket. Mediapart's legal affair specialist Michel Deléan pays tribute to this hard-working loner who in his rare leisure time enjoyed cigars, sailing and opera.


France: Man burns himself to death at job centre

Police tried to stop the man, 43, who was declared ineligible for unemployment benefit, but he doused himself in petrol and set himself alight.