Leading French unions boycott job creation summit

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Two unions said they will shun crucial talks scheduled for Tuesday, accusing President Hollande of siding with employers over job creation plans.

Labour row clouds French job-creation summit

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Unions have threatened boycott of the talks on job creation, accusing government of failing to make employers keep their end of the bargain.

Nigeria abducted girls: France's summit on Boko Haram threat

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Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and other West African leaders will attend the talks in Paris to discuss threat from Islamist group.

Cameron to press Hollande over EU at UK-France summit

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French president thought unlikely to back British prime minister's call for greater EU 'flexibility' in first Anglo-French summit for four years.

France stages summit to resist rise of English language on TV

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Media watchdog says its aim is to help TV and radio channels be aware of their obligations in defending and promoting the French language.

France urges Europe meeting on migrants after Italy tragedy

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French prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says it is up to European political leaders to find a solution, adding 'compassion is not enough'.

What became of President Hollande's plans to reshape Europe?

International — Analysis

During his election campaign and his first few weeks in office, François Hollande promised to take a different line in Europe, expressing the desire to “reshape” the European Union and promote growth to provide an alternative to German-imposed austerity and structural reforms. But since then the German agenda has re-emerged as the dominant force in the EU, threatening to leave France isolated. Lénaïg Bredoux and Ludovic Lamant wonder what happened to the president’s reformist zeal.

EU summit: How France reacted to Hollande's 'victory'

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The French press have praised President Francois Hollande for his handling of this week's EU crisis summit.

EU summit success to help Hollande pass fiscal pact

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President Francois Hollande's role leaves him well-placed to win parliamentary support for stiffer budget discipline rules he once swore to rewrite.

Merkel, Sarkozy stress growth a eurozone priority, call for quick Greek accord

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The German and French leaders turn tack on austerity measures, insisting that boosting economic growth in the 17-nation eurozone is a priority.

Cameron and Sarkozy to meet Friday for eurozone talks in Paris

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Friday for talks centred on the eurozone crisis.

Merkel and Sarkozy battle to save single currency

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The leaders of France and Germany set out a vision of an "economic government for the eurozone", vowing to defend the single currency.