French supermarket chains fail Climate Action study


The food chain in France, from production to plate, is officially estimated to account for around 22% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, while supermarkets are estimated to account for about 70% of all food purchases. Réseau Climat Action (RCA), the French branch of the Climate Action Network, the umbrella group for hundreds of environmental protection NGOs, has completed a study of the practices of the major supermarket chains with regard to their contribution to gas emissions, and efforts to reduce them, and this month published its damning findings. Jade Bourgery reports.

French watchdog probes supermarket purchasing alliances

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France's competition watchdog, the Autorité de la Concurrence, is investigating several of the country's major supermarket chains over suspicion that an alliance to pool their purchasing departments, prompted by a price war notably with retail chain Leclerc, breaches competition rules. 

France named Europe's top country for food sustainability

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French supermarkets banned from throwing out unsold fruits and vegetables while all restaurants required to provide doggy bags for leftovers.

French supermarket waste distribution plan sets challenge for charities

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A planned law bans large stores from destroying unsold food which would go to charities for the poor, which must invest to cope with the supplies.

France moves to ban food waste in supermarkets

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Under new law supermarkets will be forced to donate any unsold but still edible food goods to charity or for use as animal feed or farm compost.

French stores accused of imposing ‘woman tax’

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Government ministers agree to investigate after women’s rights groups call on supermarkets to stop sexist pricing policies.

Big French grocers show UK counterparts how to tackle discounters

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While discount stores gain ground in Britain, France is the only European country where they are losing market share to hypermarket chains.

Supermarket pregnancy tests irk French pharmacies

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Chemists worried over their monopoly as new law set to pave way for sale of pregnancy test kits in supermarkets and convenience stores.