French favour summer time scheme in EU clock change debate

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The vast majority of survey respondents in France want to scrap twice-annual time changes.

France and Germany closing gap with UK on foreign investment

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A survey by Ernst & Young (EY) has found that among European countries the UK’s market share in foreign direct investment projects fell for the second successive year in 2017, and was likely to suffer a further decline as investors said they favoured Germany for the future, followed by France.

Some French parents using credit to pay higher education fees: study

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Despite the relatively low cost of tuition fees in French universities, practical costs to students' parents, such as housing, food and transport, amount to an average of more than 7,000 euros per year which is paid for using consumer credit deals by an estimated 14% of lower income families, according to a study by credit provider Cofidis. 

French study exposes extent of sexual aggression against women in public


A report published this month by France’s national institute of demographic studies, INED, suggests that one woman in five in the country falls victim every year to incidents of sexual and sexist abuse in public spaces, ranging from assault to harassment, and the most vulnerable are women aged between 20 and 24 who live in the Paris region. Louise Fessard reports.

Mayor of southern French town causes outrage over Muslim pupil count

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Robert Ménard, elected on a far-right ticket, said 64.6% of town's schoolchildren were Muslims after an illegal poll of childrens' first names.

Pessimistic French more optimistic about EU

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According to a poll, 41 percent of French people view the EU positively, up from 31 percent a year ago and the highest since 2008.

France 'not good value for money'

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Around half of Britons surveyed feel France is too expensive as a holiday destination - including those who have never been there.

Most Europeans, especially the French, unhappy about EU

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Nearly two-thirds of French people think the European Union is headed in the wrong direction, according to a widely-watched survey.

US firms fall out of love with France, survey says

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Election of a socialist government was cited as main reason why French divisions of US businesses see country as less attactive to do business.

France tops European quality of life survey (UK takes bottom spot)

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A survey of 10 developed European countries gives France top spot and puts UK at bottom of the pile due to high costs of living, low sunshine.