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France considers joining anti-IS strikes over Syria

Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France was deliberating whether its current actions in Iraq are sufficient against IS.

Six arrested in France for female jihadi recruitment

Two minors were among those arrested near Lyon on suspicion of recruiting young women to fight in Syria.

France's president backs Iraq as world ramps up anti-jihadist efforts

During visit to Baghdad, François Hollande said he underlined France's readiness to provide even more military assistance to Iraq.

France detains 'particularly dangerous' jihadist recruiter

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said suspect had 'key role' in recruiting French youths in Strasbourg and Toulouse and sending them to Syria.

France says it's ready to participate in Iraq airstrikes

Foreign minister calls for international mobilization against militants from Islamic State group whom he described as a 'transnational danger'.

Brussels murder suspect ‘planned Bastille Day atrocity’ in Paris

Libération insists Mehdi Nemmouche told journalists held hostage in Syria of his plan to attack Paris, but interior minister dismisses claim.

Former French hostage says Jewish museum killings suspect was his jailer

Journalist Nicolas Henin said Mehdi Nemmouche, who has been extradited to Belgium over murders, was his jailer in Syria in late 2013.

French ex-recruit reveals Islamist indoctrination methods

Young Frenchman says jihadists use online method showing shocking images that paint the Western world as degenerate and corrupt.

French mother reunited with daughter taken by alleged jihadi father

Meriam Rhaiem, 25, made headlines earlier this year with an emotional appeal to recognise her baby girl, aged 2, as 'the youngest French hostage'.

French teenagers detained over disappearance of 'jihadist' girl

The pair, aged 15 and 17, were arrested on suspicion of helping a 14 year-old girl travel to Syria to join jihadist forces.

France to clamp down on would-be jihadists with new law

Proposed bill includes ban on foreign travel for individuals suspected of being radicalised, plus powers to confiscate their passports.

French father brings teenage son home from Syria jihad

The 16-year-old, who is now in police custody in France, headed to Syria to fight after telling his father he was going to a nightclub.


European security services 'overwhelmed' by return of Syrian jihadists

Interpellation par la DGSI et le raid de sept jeunes strasbouregois de retrou de Syrie le 13 mai 2014 à la Meinau © Reuters Interpellation par la DGSI et le raid de sept jeunes strasbouregois de retrou de Syrie le 13 mai 2014 à la Meinau © Reuters

The recent arrest of a French citizen accused of a murderous attack at a Jewish museum in Belgium has highlighted the growing problem of jihadists returning from Syria to wage war in their own countries. More than 2,000 European citizens, including 630 French residents, have gone to fight against the Assad regime since 2011, according to recent figures. And some, at least, of those who return come back intending to use their combat training to carry out terrorists attacks at home. As Louise Fessard reports, the numbers involved are so great that European security forces, including those in France, are struggling to cope.

France arrests four over suspected Syria jihadist ring

The four were detained in Marseille over allegations that they have been helping to recruit volunteers for radical Islamist networks in Syria.

Toulouse gunman's sister 'may have joined Jihad in Syria'

French interior minister says Souad Merah, whose brother shot dead seven people in south-west France in 2012, is believed to be in Syria.