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French opposition accuse Hollande of isolating France over Syria

Conservative UMP party accuses French government of a 'fundamental' doctrine change that puts in danger France's influence on the world stage.

French parliament debates Syria intervention, without a vote

A stormy debate laid bare deep conflicts in French political opinion over President Hollande’s plan to join the US in air strikes against Syria.

Assad warns France against 'explosion' of Middle East

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warns the Middle East could “explode” if the US and France pressed ahead with threatened air strikes.

French MPs shown 'evidence' of Syria chemical attack

French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault has presented intelligence to parliamentarians which he says shows al-Assad regime has used chemical weapons.

France says it cannot act alone on Syria as U.S. hesitates

Interior Minister Manuel Valls says France will await the U.S. Congress's decision on military action in Syria before making any move itself.

France, Turkey vow to press ahead on Syria

President Hollande remains determined to punish Syria over chemical weapons despite Obama U-turn, as opposition and public opinion unease grows.

France's Hollande facing pressure for deputies to vote on Syria

President Hollande backs Obama decision to get green light from Congress but now faces pressure to put the issue to French parliament.

France, ironically, stands as strongest U.S. ally in sanctioning Syria

The country which defiantly opposed U.S. intervention in Iraq a decade ago emerges as Washington's staunchest supporter for punitive air strikes.

Syria: war, silence and lies


The United States and France – though no longer Britain, it seems- are poised to intervene militarily in Syria. While helping to remove the Assad regime is an urgent priority, the expected campaign of air strikes seems like a headlong rush without legal basis. And one which is a form of camouflage for past errors and acts of cowardice, the opportunistic management of public opinion and a possible trigger for a regional cataclysm with incalculable consequences. Yet, argues Mediapart editor François Bonnet, there are alternatives.

France: UK vote doesn't thwart plans to hit Syria

President Francois Hollande expressed readiness to push ahead with plans to strike Syria despite British parliament's rejection of military action

France: political solution the ultimate goal for Syria

Sounding a more cautious note, President Hollande said political solution could only happen if world could halt chemical attack and other killings.

Obama the isolationist


After days of hesitation, the United States finally seems poised to intervene militarily following Syria's use of chemical weapons against its own people. But until then, faced with the enduring crises in Syria and Egypt, the White House had sometimes given the impression that the entire administration was on its summer holiday. More generally, during the first five years of his presidency Barack Obama has shown indecision and muddle in his handling of international issues. To the point, argues Thomas Cantaloube, that the United States is in danger of slipping towards insignificance on the world stage.


France 'ready to punish' Syria over gas attack

President François Hollande said the country is prepared to strike following 'heinous decision to gas innocents' in Syria last week.

France warns Syria of forceful response over chemical weapon claims

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says if UN cannot make a decision then international commuity would find 'other ways', but rules out ground troops.

Hollande on two-day trip to Qatar

French President François Hollande is in the Gulf kingdom to discuss trade and the conflict in Syria, before travelling to Jordan on Sunday.