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Wife of disgraced French budget minister investigated for tax fraud


Patricia Cahuzac, wife of former minister Jérôme Cahuzac, who earlier this year confessed to having an undeclared Swiss bank account, has been placed under formal investigation for alleged tax fraud and laundering the proceeds of tax fraud. The move is part of the wider investigation into her husband's hidden account. Michel Deléan reports.

HSBC whistleblower Falciani reveals how Swiss authorities tried to negotiate his silence

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Hervé Falciani, the HSBC employee who exposed the existence of tens of thousands of tax evading accounts held at the bank in Geneva, is back in France where he will give evidence to MPs drawing up a new law on tax fraud. In an interview with Mediapart the former IT man, who was arrested in Spain last year pending possible extradition to Switzerland, has told Mediapart that the Swiss authorities tried to buy his silence with the offer of a non-custodial sentence. Valentine Oberti reports.

Far-right overtake socialists in by-election to elect Cahuzac replacement

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The far-right Front National party is in play off with conservative UMP candidate in the consituency of disgraced former budget minister.

Surprise revelations as French ministers publish personal wealth online

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In the wake of Cahuzac tax fraud scandal, details of ministers' personal assets go online on Monday, decried by the opposition as a populist move.

Socialists drop Cahuzac from party after tax scandal

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France's ruling party revokes membership from disgraced former budget minister who confessed he hid money in a secret Swiss bank account.

Revealed: the man who handles the budget minister's own personal fortune

France— Investigation

Jérôme Cahuzac, the budget minister accused of having a secret Swiss bank account until 2010, has amassed considerable wealth from his work as a hair transplant surgeon and consultant. Mediapart can reveal the name of the man who handles the minister's personal wealth, the ultra-discreet Hervé Dreyfus (see photo, right). Mediapart can also disclose it was Dreyfus to whom Cahuzac was talking during his now infamous telephone conversation when he was accidentally recorded talking about the Swiss account – whose existence he still continues to deny. Fabrice Arfi, Dan Israel, Mathilde Mathieu and Martine Orange investigate the financial background and contacts of France's under-fire budget minister.

Fighting the organised crime of tax evasion

International— Analysis

Earlier this month it was revealed that French tycoon Bernard Arnault, chief executive of luxury goods firm LVMH, the wealthiest person in France and the fourth wealthiest worldwide, has applied for dual Belgian nationality. The French conservative opposition was quick to cite it as an example of the flight of capital that will follow higher taxes the government is to impose on the country’s top income earners, while President François Hollande decried Arnault's lack of patriotism. Mediapart Editor-in-Chief Edwy Plenel sets out here how tax evasion has become a colossal and insitutionalised business at the centre of the economy. Fighting it has never been more urgent, yet little effort - if any - is being made to prevent it or to sanction those who are bleeding society of vital resources.