Gérard Depardieu denies leaving France over tax

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The actor, who now has a Russian passport, says if he simply wanted to avoid tax rises he would have gone earlier and insists he remains French.

Jean-Michel Jarre denies tax dodge in London business move

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The pop star, ex-husband of Charlotte Rampling, says plans for a music academy in London is not to escape taxes in France, where he continues to live.

Swiss bank account affair - the budget minister's lies

France — Investigation

Jérôme Cahuzac, the budget minister accused of having an undisclosed Swiss bank account until 2010, has withheld the truth surrounding the affair from the highest offices of state, Mediapart can reveal. Mediapart can disclose that the person who possesses the key recording on which Cahuzac (pictured) is heard discussing his bank account has himself approached the office of French President François Hollande to confirm it is genuine. Meanwhile email correspondence between the minister and friends shows that he himself does not deny the authenticity of the recording. And Mediapart can also reveal that the tax authorities have started to carry out thorough checks of the budget minister’s recent tax declarations, which appear to show numerous discrepancies. All of which, says Fabrice Arfi, is proof that Jérôme Cahuzac is in an untenable political situation.

US firms fall out of love with France, survey says

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Election of a socialist government was cited as main reason why French divisions of US businesses see country as less attactive to do business.

The budget minister and the Swiss bank account: why only an independent judicial investigation will do

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Budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac has adopted a fresh strategy as he tries to defend himself against Mediapart's investigation that shows he had an undisclosed Swiss bank account until 2010. Cahuzac is trying to get the bank to waive its banking secrecy rules to confirm he held no such account – something the bank has so far refused to do. But as François Bonnet and Dan Israel point out, behind this apparent delaying tactic there is a clear conflict of interest between Cahuzac the budget minister and Cahuzac the private bank customer. Which is why, they argue, only an independent judicial investigation can get to the heart of the affair.

Gérard Depardieu says he's giving up French passport

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Actor claims he was "insulted" by critics for becoming a tax exile in Belgium and writes letter to prime minister renouncing his French passport.

The budget minister and his Swiss bank account – the unanswered questions


For more than ten days budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac has either refused to comment or set up a media smokescreen over key elements of Mediapart's claim that he had a secret Swiss bank account until February 2010. So far the government has backed the minister, who has denied ever having such an account. Here Mediapart's editor François Bonnet details the five crucial points over which the minister still needs to respond, including the recorded conversation in which Cahuzac is clearly heard discussing the UBS bank account in Geneva.

French PM slams flight of the 'greedy rich'

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Jean-Marc Ayrault attacks wealthy citizens fleeing France's punitive tax on high incomes as greedy profiteers seeking to "become even richer".

Depardieu bids ‘adieu’ to France to avoid taxes

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Leading actor Gérard Depardieu has set up his home in a Belgian town straddling the French border, a local mayor has confirmed.

French budget minister files defamation suit against Mediapart

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French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzachas announced he is to sue Mediapart over its report that he held a secret Swiss bank account until 2010.

France claims Amazon owes $252m in tax

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Claim against internet retailer is part of a wider French crackdown on multinational companies that channel profits through low-tax countries.

Gerard Depardieu flees French wealth tax

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The actor, who has bought a home in Belgium, is latest rich Frenchman to flee his country and the wealth taxes levied by President Hollande.

France set to ease 2013 tax hikes on small business

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Government may ease the impact of tax hikes in the 2013 budget after a chorus of complaints by French entrepreneurs, says finance minister.

‘Pigeon’ entrepreneurs take Hollande French tax protest to web

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Owners of startups form a group dubbed “Les Pigeons” - French slang for "suckers" - claiming they are the fall guys for France’s economic woes.

Smokers feel the pinch as France raises taxes

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Government targets smokers to help pay off its debt mountain - latest price hike is expected to net an additional one billion euros in revenue.