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How virus crisis is changing the face - and politics - of French society

People in Bordeaux, south-west France, applauding health sector workers from their balconies on May 6th 2020. © AFP/Hans Lucas People in Bordeaux, south-west France, applauding health sector workers from their balconies on May 6th 2020. © AFP/Hans Lucas

The ongoing Coronavirus health crisis facing France is leading to unprecedented political change. Large sections of society are on the march: taking charge of their own professions themselves and setting up numerous support structures and initiatives. And as François Bonnet argues in this op-ed article, this sudden land grab of some very political arenas by new groups has left society's traditional  institutions and political forces flat-footed.

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French teacher strike tests government's reform mettle

Thousands of teachers are expected to take to the streets on Tuesday over planned reform of France's middle schools or collèges.

Hollande says teachers on 'front line' of battle against home-grown terrorists

The French President stresssed the importance of promoting 'Republican values' in schools, which will get 250 million euros to do so.

French government announces tax relief as euro election looms

Prime minister Manuel Valls says move will exempt 1.8 million households from income tax, with €1 billion cost funded by anti tax fraud measures.


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Every year the French education ministry sends a small number of teachers to begin work in Rabat. Their mission: to educate the heir to the Moroccan throne and a select handful of that country's elite. Lénaïg Bredoux reports on an exclusive college that is shrouded in mystery and which few in either France or Morocco are willing to talk about.

'Fed up and ready to change jobs': how French teachers see the crisis in education

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About 130,000 teachers took to streets in towns and cities across France last week for a day of strike and protest at 14,000 job cuts in the state education system announced for 2012. The planned cuts will bring the number of teaching jobs axed under President Nicolas Sarkozy's five-year mandate to 80,000. Meanwhile, the numbers of pupils each year entering schools nationwide are increasing. Cécile Alibert and Noemie Rousseau joined the demonstration in Paris last week to interview teachers about their individual experiences and complaints.

Teachers strike in France to protest job cuts

French teachers took to the streets Tuesday for a national strike and protests over education job cuts under President Nicolas Sarkozy's government.