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President Macron plays waiting game in long-awaited TV interview


In his first set-piece television interview since becoming France's president in May, Emmanuel Macron was in unrepentant mood, refusing to apologise over a string of controversial remarks which he now claims have been misunderstood. Speaking on the privately-owned TF1 television station, the centrist president also said the country would have to wait for up to two years for his reforms to take effect. Hubert Huertas analyses President Macron's much-anticipated television appearance.

Hollande unveils raft of austerity measures ahead of social reform

French President François Hollande has set out his policy agenda for the next two years, announcing a series of austerity measures to rein in the country’s huge public debt burden while putting social justice reforms on the back burner until 2014. "I'm not going to do in four months what my predecessors haven't done in five or ten years," said Hollande, whose opinion poll ratings have collapsed amid mounting unemployment and a stagnating economy. He presented his programme in a live television interview Sunday, when he also confirmed the introduction of a 75% tax on top incomes.