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French probation officers unhappy at being told to spy on 'radicalised' inmates


Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in France, probation officers in the prison system have been instructed to inform the authorities about the “radicalisation” of prisoners. When one officer criticised the new system in a newspaper interview, claiming that being forced to work as “intelligence agents” undermined the trust between probation workers officers and prisoners, her job was threatened. Probation officers also fear that they will get the blame for not flagging a problem if former prisoners go on to commit terrorist acts. Maxime Grimbert reports.

Hollande: fighting IS in Iraq prevents terrorism in France

Hollande spoke as he met French soldiers in Iraq who are part of a US-led 60-member coalition carrying out air strikes against Islamic State.

France renews state of emergency for fifth time

French Parliament has voted to extend the legislation until July 15th, after next year's presidential and parliamentary elections.

Paris attacks victims demand greater compensation from public fund

Lawyers of victims of the November 13th 2015 terrorist attacks in the French capital, which left 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded, say their clients should receive additional compensation for the “very considerable distress” they suffered and victims’ families be compensated for the hardship endured while waiting for news of their loved ones.

France pays tribute to terrorist attack victims

The ceremony, at the Invalides military complex in Paris, was attended by hundreds of relatives of the victims of a series of terrorist attacks in France since January 2015, and also by President François Hollande and political leaders.

There will be new terror attacks, warns French premier

Manuel Valls said the intelligence services, police and military were daily preventing attacks and dismantling networks out of Iraq and Syria.

French officials probe whether prison stabbings were terror attack

A 24-year-old man assaulted two prison guards with a makeshift knife, severely wounding one of them, according to French authorities.

Tight security as French pupils go back to school

School security: interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. © Reuters School security: interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve and education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. © Reuters

Pupils in France go back to school this week amid ever-greater security and against the backdrop of a constant threat of terrorism. The education minister and the interior minister have held a joint press conference to outline the unprecedented measures that are being taken to ensure the safety of children at school. As Faïza Zerouala reports, the authorities have to strike a careful balance between ensuring educational establishments are prepared for a terrorist attack and avoiding causing anxiety among younger pupils.

Seven terrorist suspects arrested in France in August

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve gave few details of the arrests but said three of those arrested were preparing terrorist attacks.

Hotel bookings 'fall in France since terror attacks'

France's tourism industry reported a 10% drop in hotel bookings from January to July 2016, compared to a year before.

Cycling event in Nice cancelled over security fears

Next month's European Road Cycling Championships will not take place in the French city where 85 died in lorry attack on July 14th.

Death toll from Nice terror attack rises to 85

Pierre Hattermann, whose wife and son also died in the July 14th attack in the Mediterranean city, has succumbed to his injuries.

Armed French police start cross-Channel ferry patrols

French police spokesman said a 'permanent unit' had been deployed since Monday to carry out high-visibility patrols on passenger ferries.

French media begin blackout on identifying terrorists

Some French broadcasters and newspapers announce they will refrain from naming, or publishing photos of, terrorists so as not to contribute to  their 'glorification'.

French interior minister backtracks on Nice attacker profile

Bernard Cazeneuve, who on Friday sounded cautious note on jihadist motive for attack, said on Saturday that killer must have been 'radicalised very rapidly'.