Paris attacks ringleader 'directed Bataclan bombers by phone'

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Witness saw 'agitated' Abdelhamid Abaaoud talking on his mobile close to concert hall where gunmen left 89 people dead, reveals terrorism expert.

Fights against climate change and terrorism linked says Hollande

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French president said at Paris climate summit they are 'two big global challenges we have to face up to' and that: 'World peace is at stake in the talks'.

Paris terror attacks: death toll rises to 129, IS claims responsibility, arrests in Belgium

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At least 129 people died in the series of terrorist attacks in and around Paris on Friday evening, for which a statement purportedly from the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility. Late on Saturday the Paris public prosecutor said 352 people were known to have been wounded, of whom 99 were in a serious condition. He added that police believe the terrorists were divided into three teams. Three men were arrested Saturday in Belgium in connection with the attacks. President François Hollande has ordered three days of national mourning. Mediapart reports on the precise chronology of the Friday attacks and the latest information to emerge on Saturday.

Missile-proof ‘French Pentagon’ will help fight terrorism

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About 9,300 military and civil staff previously at different sites are now based in the 4.2 billion euro building in the south of Paris.

Gun attack on Amsterdam-Paris high-speed train 'thwarted by US passengers'

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Three people were wounded, one seriously, after a man with Kalashnikov, pistol and knife was overpowered and arrested on the Thalys train in France.

Terrorist claims dismissed against French 'anarchist cell' in rail sabotage case

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Judge rejects claim that Tarnac group was involved in terrorism in alleged 2008 sabotage of rail network but 4 will stand trial on lesser charges.

Islamic State 'ordered plot to behead French naval officer'

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The Paris public prosecutor said one of three men arrested this week for plan to attack a French naval base admitted receiving orders from Syria.

Tech firms threaten to leave France over mass surveillance moves

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Seven companies, including web-hosting and technology firms OVH, IDS and Gandi, said 'real-time capture of data' will force them into exile.

Tunisia's long battle with terrorism


The authorities in Tunisia have announced that 21 people, including 20 foreign tourists, were killed by three gunmen in their attack on the Bardo museum in the capital Tunis on Wednesday, for which Islamic State has claimed responsibility. The shootings happened just as the nearby Tunisian parliament was debating proposed new anti-terrorism legislation, and there is speculation that the assembly was the gunmen’s initial target. Islamist groups have blighted the small North African country’s fragile transition to democracy since the 2011 revolution that toppled the iron-fisted regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, mounting political assassinations and attacks on the military. But, as Mediapart’s Arab affairs correspondent Pierre Puchot reports, Islamist terror groups have been active in Tunisia for decades, during the dictatorial regimes of both Ben Ali and his predecessor Habib Bourgiba, and the challenge now for the fledgling democracy is to find effective means to combat them without returning to the liberticidal practices of the past.  

France blocks five websites suspected of condoning terrorism

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The French government used a new law allowing it to demand service providers close down access to the sites, without the need of a court order.

Paris kosher store attacked in January reopens

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Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve was first customer to re-enter the store where four Jewish hostages were shot dead by an Islamist gunman.

French interior minister meets Google, Facebook and Twitter on terror posts

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Bernard Cazeneuve met the US tech giants in California, asking them to work directly with French authorities to erase online terror propaganda.

New French law allows for arbitrary closure of suspected terrorist websites

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Rights groups criticised the law which allows the government to directly order ISPs to shut websites suspected of terrorist or paedophile activity.

French dissenters jailed after crackdown on speech that glorifies terrorism

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Lawyers and human rights groups raise concerns over heavy prison sentences in France, including for people who drunkenly insulted police.

French police question eight-year-old over terrorism comments

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Critics say quizzing of pupil who said he was 'with the terrorists'  after Charlie Hebdo murders is sign of 'collective hysteria' engulfing country.