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Paris suburb Aubervilliers makes jailed Fatah faction leader honorary citizen

French Jewish organisation expresses outrage at honour for Marwan Barghouti who is jailed in Israel for terrorist acts against civilians.

Terrorism and the fear that rallies people around leaders

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Three separate and shocking incidents in France over recent days raised fears that a terrorist campaign had been launched over the Christmas period. They began with an attack last Saturday by a knife-wielding man, shouting ‘god is  great’ in Arabic, on a police station in central France, when three officers were wounded and the assailant shot dead. On Sunday, a car was driven into pedestrians in the south-east city of Dijon by a man also reportedly chanting in Arabic, in which 13 people were injured. Then on Monday, a man drove a van into a crowded Christmas market in the western city of Nantes, injuring ten people, one of whom later died. The strange message from the government, writes political affairs correspondent Hubert Huertas in this opinion article, is that the situation is not alarming, but is alarming. For while finally dismissing a combined terrorist plot, it has also slammed the ‘go’ button on the machine that produces fear.

Iraq warns of IS terror plot on subways in France and US

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadisaid said attacks were prepared by IS in Iraq, but French and US officials were unaware of a threat.

Guilty until proved innocent: how Spain's anti-terrorism campaign has stood justice on its head

By Braulio García Jaén, Matías Escudero Arce et Andrés Aguayo

Since the March 2004 Madrid train bombings, more than 500 people have been arrested in Spain on suspicion of involvement in terrorist actitivity, of which just 50 have been tried and convicted. For in the aftermath of the Madrid attacks, which left 191 people dead and more than 1,800 injured, the Spanish anti-terrorist campaign has adopted a tactic of preventive arrests, many based on little or no evidence, in which the presumption of guilt presides over that of innocence, often prompted by information from foreign intelligence services and interrogations carried out in secret. "On the other hand, we haven’t had any attacks for ten years,” argued one high-ranking Spanish magistrate in this report by Braulio García Jaén, Matías Escudero Arce and Andrés Aguayo.   

French man held for 'provoking' terrorism online

The 26-year-old is said to be webmaster of a jihadist site and a translator of magazines put out by militant Al-Qaeda-linked group.

French police arrest six in anti-terrorism raids

Those detained during a series of raids in the Paris region were suspected of planning terrorist acts on well-known figures in Franc.

French soldier wounded in knife attack near Paris

The 23-year-old French soldier was attacked to the throat by a man with a cutter kinfe while patrolling the Paris business quarter La Défense.

Mali conflict: UN backs France's military intervention

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says he hopes the intervention will help restore "Mali's constitutional order and territorial integrity".

France's Mali intervention a risk for 'new' Hollande

The rapidity of the intervention in Mali has revealed a man capable of bold and dangerous decisions but the fallout is potentially enormous.

French MPs clash over Manuel Valls terrorism claim

Socialist interior minister sparks row after accusing his conservative predecessors of bringing back terrorism after a reported surge in crime.

Bomb material found in French 'Islamist terror cell' probe

French police investigating 12 men in connection with a suspected Islamist terrorist gang have found bomb-making materials in a garage near Paris.

Islamist radicals charged over plot to kidnap French judge

A group of Islamic radicals called 'the knights of pride'  have been charged with planning terrorist actions and to kidnap a French judge.

French prosecutor demands six-year jail sentence for ex-CERN physicist

A French public prosecutor has asked a Paris court to sentence an Algerian-born nuclear physicist to six years in prison for terrorist activities.

France sentences three in absentia for 1988 gun, grenade attack on Greek cruise ship

Three men suspected of belonging to a radical Palestinian group are sentenced to 30 years in prison for a 1988 attack on a Greek cruise ship.

Venezualan 'Carlos the Jackal' given life sentence for 1980s French attacks

French court gives life sentence to self-styled revolutionary 'Carlos the Jackal' for organising four deadly attacks in France in the 1980s.