Paris kosher store attacked in January reopens

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Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve was first customer to re-enter the store where four Jewish hostages were shot dead by an Islamist gunman.

French interior minister meets Google, Facebook and Twitter on terror posts

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Bernard Cazeneuve met the US tech giants in California, asking them to work directly with French authorities to erase online terror propaganda.

New French law allows for arbitrary closure of suspected terrorist websites

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Rights groups criticised the law which allows the government to directly order ISPs to shut websites suspected of terrorist or paedophile activity.

French dissenters jailed after crackdown on speech that glorifies terrorism

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Lawyers and human rights groups raise concerns over heavy prison sentences in France, including for people who drunkenly insulted police.

French police question eight-year-old over terrorism comments

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Critics say quizzing of pupil who said he was 'with the terrorists'  after Charlie Hebdo murders is sign of 'collective hysteria' engulfing country.

Moroccan-born man jailed for terror plot to lose French nationality

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France’s constitutional council has reject an appeal by Ahmed Sahnouni against PM’s decision in 2014 to strip him of his adopted nationality.

Hollande in Davos calls on business and finance to help states fight terrorism

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The French President told the World Economic Forum that business and financial institutions had 'a duty to act' to block funding of terrrorism.

Hollande says teachers on 'front line' of battle against home-grown terrorists

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The French President stresssed the importance of promoting 'Republican values' in schools, which will get 250 million euros to do so.

French PM unveils long-term plan to beef up security forces

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Following Paris terror attacks, Manuel Valls said almost 2,700 jobs would be created in a plan to cost 425 million euros over the next three years.

Paris suburb Aubervilliers makes jailed Fatah faction leader honorary citizen

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French Jewish organisation expresses outrage at honour for Marwan Barghouti who is jailed in Israel for terrorist acts against civilians.

Terrorism and the fear that rallies people around leaders

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Three separate and shocking incidents in France over recent days raised fears that a terrorist campaign had been launched over the Christmas period. They began with an attack last Saturday by a knife-wielding man, shouting ‘god is  great’ in Arabic, on a police station in central France, when three officers were wounded and the assailant shot dead. On Sunday, a car was driven into pedestrians in the south-east city of Dijon by a man also reportedly chanting in Arabic, in which 13 people were injured. Then on Monday, a man drove a van into a crowded Christmas market in the western city of Nantes, injuring ten people, one of whom later died. The strange message from the government, writes political affairs correspondent Hubert Huertas in this opinion article, is that the situation is not alarming, but is alarming. For while finally dismissing a combined terrorist plot, it has also slammed the ‘go’ button on the machine that produces fear.

Iraq warns of IS terror plot on subways in France and US

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadisaid said attacks were prepared by IS in Iraq, but French and US officials were unaware of a threat.

Guilty until proved innocent: how Spain's anti-terrorism campaign has stood justice on its head

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Since the March 2004 Madrid train bombings, more than 500 people have been arrested in Spain on suspicion of involvement in terrorist actitivity, of which just 50 have been tried and convicted. For in the aftermath of the Madrid attacks, which left 191 people dead and more than 1,800 injured, the Spanish anti-terrorist campaign has adopted a tactic of preventive arrests, many based on little or no evidence, in which the presumption of guilt presides over that of innocence, often prompted by information from foreign intelligence services and interrogations carried out in secret. "On the other hand, we haven’t had any attacks for ten years,” argued one high-ranking Spanish magistrate in this report by Braulio García Jaén, Matías Escudero Arce and Andrés Aguayo.   

French mother, daughter 'executed' at Nairobi mall

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The two French citizens killed in attack on Nairobi shopping mall were a mother and daughter who were 'executed' in the parking lot.

French man held for 'provoking' terrorism online

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The 26-year-old is said to be webmaster of a jihadist site and a translator of magazines put out by militant Al-Qaeda-linked group.