High-speed TGV train derails in eastern France

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The driver of the train was badly hurt and at least 21 people were hurt in all.

Derailed high-speed train disrupts traffic to and from Marseille

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French railways operator SNCF said there will be disruption to trains arriving at and departing from Marseille over the coming days after a high-speed train from Paris derailed, without causing injuries, on its low-speed approach to the Mediterranean port city for reasons that remain unexplained.

Derailed French high-speed train death toll rises to 11, children on board

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The 37 injured include children who were, for reasons yet to be explained, on board the test run of the high-speed train on track near Strasbourg.

Ten dead in French high-speed train crash

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The train carrying 49 railway technicians derailed, caught fire, and plunged into a canal during a test run on a new Paris-Strasbourg line.

French national audit court slams 'slow-lane' high-speed train network

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Auditors say pressure by local authorities for the TGV to pass through their towns created an 'incoherent' network of 230 TGV stations.

First direct high-speed rail link to connect Paris with Barcelona opens

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Rail passengers can now travel from French capital to Catalan capital in six-and-a-half hours without changing trains.

Al Qaeda 'targeting European rail network'

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Leaked report published in German newspaper says terror group has been plotting attacks on high-speed railways across the continent.

France shunts new TGV projects into a siding

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Government agrees to delay ten new railway projects, including new fast lines to Normandy, the Cote d’Azur and Spain, for at least 17 years.

France's grand high-speed train expansion slides off the rails


The high-speed train, or TGV, is one of France’s major engineering success stories of the past three decades, revolutionizing transport in a country with largest surface area in Western Europe. Two years ago, a vast, ambitious plan was announced to extend the high-speed train network with 14 new lines in a north-south, east-west grid inter-linking most major French cities and regions. But now France’s new socialist government, battling a huge public deficit, has decided to pull the plug on a project it describes as “a headline-grabbing announcement” that was one of “a multitude of projects conceived without the beginning of the least financing”.  

Not in anyone's backyard: the battle against 'unnecessary' large-scale building projects


High-speed trains, Spanish casinos, a new stadium in Lyon, a huge underground train station in Stuttgart, property development schemes to repay Greek debt: European environmentalists opposed to such ‘unnecessary top-down large projects’ are mobilising against the environmental impact of the financial crisis. Jade Lindgaard reports.

Cash-strapped France may halt high-speed train expansion

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France may abandon plans for a major extension of its high-speed train network as the new left-wing government strives to shrink its huge debt.