Police 'blunders' under spotlight again after Chinese man shot in Paris home


Two investigations have been opened after a 56-year-old Chinese national was shot dead by a police officer after an altercation at his home in Paris. The death of father-of-five Shaoyo Liu in the 19th arrondissement sparked protests in the French capital and an diplomatic intervention from Beijing as family members disputed the official version of events that led to the shooting. As Michaël Hajdenberg reports, the case also highlights how rare it is for police officers who kill citizens to be held in custody even when there are suspicions that they committed a grave mistake.

Paris protest over police violence ends in clashes and 26 arrests

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A students' rally in Paris on Thursday to protest the recent alleged rape of a young black man by a police officer wielding a telescopic truncheon ended in violent clashes with anti-riot police, while pupils used rubbish bins to blockade about a dozen secondary schools in the capital.

Demonstrators torch vehicles in Paris 'police violence' protest

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Protests are over assault of young black man who was allegedly anally raped with a baton during his arrest in Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Protests spread across Paris over alleged police rape

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Police arrested a dozen people on a fourth night of clashes with youths on housing estates north of Paris, amid fury over the violent arrest.