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Hardliner takes helm of France's CGT union

Election of 'hard case' Philippe Martinez could make it harder for President François Hollande to get backing for economic reforms.

Top French union in crisis as its boss faces exit

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The general secretary of France's leading trade union, the Confédération générale du travail (CGT), could soon be forced out of his job after an embarrassing series of revelations about expensive renovations to his flat and office and a hefty lump sum payment. Many observers believe that despite last-ditch attempts to save his position Thierry Lepaon, who was seen a compromise candidate when he took over the reins of power at the union in March 2013, will soon have to stand down amid growing anger among rank-and-file members following the media disclosures. As Dan Israel reports, Lepaon's rapid fall from grace is a sign of a deeper malaise inside what is still the country's most powerful trade union.

France's biggest union in crisis as chief criticised over perks

CGT boss Thierry Lepaon faces pressure to quit over reports of spending on his union flat and office and a lucrative deal to take up his post.

French union spends €130,000 on flat renovation for boss

French prime minister says union needs to explain itself as CGT rents flat outside Paris and refurbishes it for secretary general Thierry Lepaon.