Thomas Cazenave

Macron state-reform tsar wants technology to cut French red tape

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Thomas Cazenave, 39, a former telecoms executive whom President Emmanuel Macron has charged with reforming the public sector, has advised that Chatbots, software that can answer users’ questions with a conversational approach, or algorithms helping the taxman to target potential tax evaders, were some of the possibilities offered by technology to reduce France's bureaucracy.

Journalists and judges investigating François Fillon receive death threats


Bullets and threatening letters have been sent to four judges plus journalists at two media organisations, including Mediapart. Of the judges who have been singled out, one is the head of the national financial crimes prosecution unit, and the other three are the judges who have been designated to investigate the 'fake jobs' allegations involving right-wing presidential candidate François Fillon and his wife Penelope. The other media outlet that received a threatening letter and a .22 calibre Long Rifle bullet was Le Canard Enchaîné, the weekly investigative newspaper that first broke the Fillon story. Matthieu Suc reports.