French interior minister warns of 'extremely high' terror threat

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Interior minister Gerald Darmanin, speaking during a visit to the headquarters of French domestic intelligence agency on Monday, declared the the risk of terrorist attacks in France 'remains extremely high' and especially from 'terror of Sunni origin', just two days before the trial opens in Paris of 14 people accused of helping the January 15th 2015 terror attacks carried out in the name of the so-called Islamic State group.

France deploys massive security presence on streets over Christmas

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A total of 97,000 security personnel from the police and armed forces are being deployed across France over the Christmas period in what the interior ministry described as “the context of a still-elevated terrorist threat”.

France faces 'unprecedented' terror threat

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High-level official in the French defence ministry says the threat comes from 'pros, not dropouts' and that new attacks are inevitable.

Al-Qaeda in North Africa urges hits on French interests

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President Hollande said threat is being taken taken seriously after video message callied for all Muslims 'to attack French interests everywhere'.

Eiffel Tower evacuated amid bomb threat

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An anonymous call threateneing an attack on the Eiffel Tower in Paris caused the evacuation of more than 1,400 people Saturday evening.