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French court rules e-cigs fall under tobacco monopoly

In a ruling that could set a precedent, shop is told to stop selling e-cigarettes as it breaches French state rules over sale of tobacco.

Smokers feel the pinch as France raises taxes

Government targets smokers to help pay off its debt mountain - latest price hike is expected to net an additional one billion euros in revenue.

Baccy tax hike leaves French smokers, not companies, coughing up more


Earlier this month French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac announced government plans to increase taxes on sales of cheaper cigarettes, a seemingly laudable move destined to both increase the income of a cash-strapped public purse and to dissuade people from smoking. But a number of health experts believe that the project will in reality have the perverse effect of benefitting the tobacco industry while penalizing mostly those smokers among lowest income groups. "It is scandalous," says Catherine Hill, an epidemiologist with a leading European cancer research and treatment centre, the Institut Gustave Roussy. "This isn’t a public health measure. It is a measure for enriching Philip Morris." Michaël Hajdenberg reports.