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French Covid cases hit 3 million, new lockdown envisaged

Confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in France rose by 23,292 on Friday to total 3.01 million, while hospitalisations for Covid-19 also rose to 25,908, the highest in about six weeks, and intensive care patients increased, to 2,912.

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Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations in France still rising

In their daily briefing on Wednesday, France's health authorities reported 26,676 new Covid-19 infections, bringing the total to more than 950,000, while 700 more people were hospitalised and another 163 died from the disease bringing the total to 34,048.

No rise so far in French Covid-19 infections since lockdown lift

The numbers of new Covid-19 cases have continued to drop since most of France reopened for business last month – while maintaining physical distancing and protection measures – with the number of additional deaths down to its lowest figure since March.

Daily French Covid-19 death toll stays below 100

The official toll announced on Tuesday of deaths from the Covid-19 virus over 24 hours since Monday rose to 87, taking into account fatalities in both hospitals and care homes, reaching a total of 29,296 since the officially declared beginning of the epidemic in March, representing the seventh succesive day that daily recorded deaths numbered less than 100, while ICU patients treated for the disease fell by 69 to 955.   

France Covid-19 toll decreases further Sunday

Official French figures released Sunday evening said 13 people had died in hospitals from the Covid-19 virus over the previous 24 hours, down from 232 on Saturday, while recorded new cases of infections by the virus, and hospitalisations and intensive care unit patients treated for the disease all continued to fall, although the numbers of fatalities are expected to rise when the toll in care homes are due to be announced on Tuesday.

Covid-19: deaths in France fall Thursday, ICU cases down again

France recorded 44 new deaths of patients hospitalised for Covid-19 virus infection over the 24 hours to Thursday evening, bringing the total number of recorded fatalities since March 1st to 29,065, while the numbers of all those hospitalised for the disease fell for the seventh week in a row, including a further slight fall among those intensive care units, although the latest toll among care homes will not next be announced until June 9th. 

France Covid-19 death toll above 29,000 and confirmed infections rise

The official toll of deaths in France from the Covid-19 virus rose to more than 29,000 on Wednesday, when a rise in confirmed cases of infection was also recorded.

France Covid-19 toll: deaths rise, hospitalisations down

Official figures released on Sunday announced 429 deaths from the Covid-19 virus over the previous 24 hours, mostly recorded in care homes, bringing the total number of recorded deaths in the country from the disease to 28,108, while hospitalisations of patients infected by the coronavirus continued to fall.

France Covid-19 toll May 16th: hospitalisations and deaths fall

Key indicators for the French health system's ability to cope with the Covid-19 virus epidemic have shown a downtrend for four to five weeks, with official figures of deaths from the infection over the 24 hours since Friday down by eight at 96,  and a continuing downward trend of hospitalisations – at 19,432 – and those in intensive care, at 2,132 – after respective peaks of more than 32,000 and over 7,000 in mid-April.

Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations down in France on Wednesday

Three days after the lifting of total lockdown measures in France, the health ministry reported deaths from the Covid-19 virus had tumbled over the 24 hours up to Wednesday evening, at 83 against 348 the previous day, while patients in intensive care for the infection fell by 114 to 2,428, and total hospitalisations for the disease continued a downward trend at 21,071.

Covid-19: daily death toll in France rises, ICU cases down

Official figures released on Monday evening reported 263 deaths in France from the Covid-19 coronavirus over the previous 24 hours, compared with 70 registered over the previous day on Sunday, with 22,284 people infected with the virus hospitalised, while the numbers of intensive care patients were reported to have fallen by 64.

Covid-19: France deaths and hospitalisation toll down again

Ahead of the country's lifting of lockdown on public movement on Monday, France on Saturday recorded the lowest 24-hour toll of deaths from the coronavirus epidemic since early April, with 80 fatalities, while patients infected with the disease treated in intensive care in hospitals also continued to fall, although new hospital admissions numbered 265 on Friday.

Daily French Covid-19 toll sees hospitalisations down, deaths up

Official French health ministry figures released on Friday evening reported deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic had risen over the past 24 hours by 243, bringing the total number of fatalities in the country from the epidemic to 26,230, while the number of people being treated in hospital for the infection fell to 22,724, confirming a three-week downward trend since an April 14th peak of 32,292.

France Covid-19 deaths pass 25,000 after 24-hour spike

After several days of decline, the toll of deaths of people in French hospitals and care homes attributed to the Covid-19 virus reached 25,201 according to official figures released on Monday evening, an increase of 306 over the past 24 hours, but patients in intensive care with the disease had fallen to 3,696, the lowest since March 26th.  

French Covid-19 deaths fall, numbers of ICU cases down for 11th day

A total of 395 people died in hospitals and care homes from Covid-19 virus infection over the previous 24 hours, French officials announced on Sunday evening, the lowest toll in three weeks and which brought the total number of recorded deaths from the virus since the start of the epidemic to 19,718, while there was a slight fall in the numbers of those hospitalised by the infection, and fewer also in intensive care for the 11th consecutive day.