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Toulouse gunman: the blunders of France's domestic intelligence


French interior minister Manuel Valls last week presented the findings of a damning official police internal investigation into the handling of the case of Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah, a self-confessed jihadist who shot seven dead in a ten-day rampage in south-west France in March, and in which France’s intelligence services have been accused of deliberately hiding their role. Louise Fessard examines the report’s findings.  

Hostage-taking gunman captured after Toulouse bank siege

A man claiming to be an al Qaeda militant held four people hostage in a bank in Toulouse, where gunman Mohamed Merah killed seven in March.

Gunman Mohamed Merah buried in cemetery near Toulouse

Gunman Mohamed Merah, who went on a killing spree that claimed seven lives earlier this month, has been buried outside the city of Toulouse.

Al Jazeera decides against showing Toulouse killings video

TV network Al Jazeera has decided not to broadcast video it received filmed by Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah during his seven murders.

Toulouse killings cast shadow over election debate

The aftermath of the Toulouse killing spree leaves French politicians and national media deep in debate about its effect on the elections.

Brother of Toulouse gunman placed under investigation

The brother of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah has been placed under investigation for helping attacks against Jewish schoolchildren and soldiers.

France shootings: Police quiz Merah's 'proud' brother

A brother of Islamist gunman Mohamed Merah denies helping him mount his deadly attacks in Toulouse and Montauban, a French police source said.

A story of France


The initial information about Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah suggests that his is a story of modern France. While the Presidency and certain media commentators would like to stop all debate about what this event means for our society, the precise opposite is true. Like the earlier case of Algerian-born Khaled Kelkal, who was shot dead by gendarmes in 1995 after being implicated in a wave of bomb attacks in France, the story of Mohamed Merah holds up a mirror to society. And, says Mediapart editor François Bonnet, it raises vital questions for presidential candidates who seek to provide an alternative to the current presidency.

Could Toulouse killer have been stopped sooner?


The role of the authorities in hunting the gunman who carried out the atrocities in Toulouse and Montauban in south-west France has come under the microscope since the main suspect was shot dead in a siege at his flat. Questions have been raised about how long it took to locate Mohamed Merah after the first attack, and to what extent the French intelligence agency had been monitoring him before the murders took place. Michel Deléan reports.

French gunman jumps to his death in hail of bullets

The 23-year-old suspected of killing seven people in France in the name of Al Qaeda died when police stormed his flat after a long siege.

Eighty French nationals 'training with Pakistan Taliban'

Fears of more attacks as senior commander with Al Qaeda-affiliated group says five of them have already completed ther training and left.

Besieged gunman boasted he brought France to its knees

The gunman suspected of shooting dead seven people said his only regret was not having been able to carry out his plans for more killings.

How Toulouse shootings have affected the French election campaign

The shooting of a rabbi and three young children at a Jewish school in Toulouse in south-west France and the earlier killing of three off-duty French soldiers have shocked the nation. These tragic events occurred as the presidential election entered its final month, forcing the candidates to reconsider their strategies. Some chose to suspend their campaign, others carried on electioneering. Lénaïg Bredoux, Ellen Salvi and Marine Turchi report.

French police corner school shootings suspect

French police have surrounded a house where a man suspected of a series of deadly shootings in Toulouse and Montauban is holed up.

France ‘poisoned by divisions’ says presidential hopeful after Toulouse shootings

Centrist candidate Francois Bayrou has refused to join other candidates in halting his campaign after the killing of four people at a school.