French teenagers face judge after trying to join Syria 'jihad'

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The pair were brought back to France having gone to Turkey in early January with the intention of joining Islamist fighters in Syria.

French court rules e-cigs fall under tobacco monopoly

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In a ruling that could set a precedent, shop is told to stop selling e-cigarettes as it breaches French state rules over sale of tobacco.

After student killing, France bans far-right rally

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Toulouse's socialist mayor expressed concern about planned torchlight march to commemorate victory of a Christian army in 721 over Muslims.

Soldier arrested in Toulouse Islamist gunman investigation

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The soldier was arrested at army barracks in Castres and is reported to be an aquaintance of Mohamed Merah who shot dead seven people last year.

Two arrests in Toulouse gunman investigation

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A man and a woman suspected of criminal links with Mohamed Merah, who shot dead seven people in and around Toulouse in March, have been arrested.

Brother of Toulouse gunman Merah denounces family 'education of hate'

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Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah's brother claims in a new book that their parents raised the family 'in atmosphere of racism and hate'.

Hollande pledges 'relentless' fight against anti-Semitism

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The French president made the pledge alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a tribute to Jewish victims of gunman Mohammed Merah.

Toulouse gunman: the blunders of France's domestic intelligence


French interior minister Manuel Valls last week presented the findings of a damning official police internal investigation into the handling of the case of Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah, a self-confessed jihadist who shot seven dead in a ten-day rampage in south-west France in March, and in which France’s intelligence services have been accused of deliberately hiding their role. Louise Fessard examines the report’s findings.  

French intelligence chief 'lied' in cover up over Toulouse gunman

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The father of one of the victims of a series of shootings in south-west France in March this year which claimed the lives of four adults and three children, says new evidence suggests that the suspected gunman, who was shot dead by police, was used as a double-agent by the French intelligence services and that the authorities have deliberately misled public opinion describing him as a “solitary” terrorist. In an exclusive interview with Mediapart, Albert Chennouf accuses the former head of the French domestic intelligence agency, Bernard Squarcini, of lying about his agency’s links with the gunman, Mohamed Merah. Chennouf says he believes Merah was killed to prevent him revealing the true nature of his dealings with the agency, and has told Mediapart that his family received death threats after he filed a lawsuit against Squarcini and former president Nicolas Sarkozy for ‘failure to render assistance to persons in danger’.

French police investigate after TV news runs gunman siege tapes

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Police probe how taped exchanges between police and a jihadist gunman who killed seven people came to be broadcast on national television.

Hostage-taking gunman captured after Toulouse bank siege

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A man claiming to be an al Qaeda militant held four people hostage in a bank in Toulouse, where gunman Mohamed Merah killed seven in March.

Gunman Mohamed Merah buried in cemetery near Toulouse

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Gunman Mohamed Merah, who went on a killing spree that claimed seven lives earlier this month, has been buried outside the city of Toulouse.

Toulouse gunman's father threatens lawsuit against France

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The father of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah said he planned to take the French state to court for killing his son instead of taking him alive.

Al Jazeera decides against showing Toulouse killings video

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TV network Al Jazeera has decided not to broadcast video it received filmed by Toulouse gunman Mohammed Merah during his seven murders.

Toulouse killings cast shadow over election debate

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The aftermath of the Toulouse killing spree leaves French politicians and national media deep in debate about its effect on the elections.