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Paris to introduce 30kph speed limit on traffic by end of August

After August, only the main ring road surrounding Paris and major boulevards and arteries will allow speeds higher than 30 kilometres per hour, Green party deputy mayor in charge of transport David Belliard announced on Thursday.

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Travel chaos as Eurotunnel blames 'migrant activity' for shutdowns

Cross-channel operator said migrants entering French tunnel entrance forced interruption of services that caused widespread disruption.

More Channel Tunnel traffic chaos after electricity outage Sunday

Following a fire on Saturday caused severe disruption to Eurostar and Shuttle traffic, both Channel tunnels were closed on Sunday by the outage.

The hidden traffic along 'The Golden Road' to Switzerland

By Federico Franchini (La Cité)
 © Reuters © Reuters

The A9 motorway linking northern Italy with Switzerland is at the heart of a major gold smuggling racket worth hundreds of millions of euros. Last year, an estimated five tonnes of the precious metal was illegally transported into Switzerland where clandestine cargos are melted down by official refiners and transformed into perfectly legal bars of gold. The business is largely managed by criminal networks surrounding 'cash-for-gold' shops that have mushroomed in Italy since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008. But while the Italian police have launched a series of investigations into the traffic, the Swiss authorities have displayed a surprising disinterest into what one official dismissed as "a few minor cases of contraband". Federico Franchini reports.

Unseasonal winter storm strikes France

Snow and ice have left tens of thousands of homes temporarily without electricity and paralysed travel in the country’s north and northwest.