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French rail strike adds to travel chaos

Rail unions' strike, upping pressure on negotiations over future working conditions, comes as France faces severe disruption because of flooding.

Travel chaos in France with major aviation and taxi strike

Airlines told to cancel one in five flights in face of air traffic controllers' strike, while taxi strike adds to travel and commuting woes.

French taxi, aviation strikes threaten travel chaos

Taxi drivers and air traffic controllers set to join a strike on Tuesday called by three unions representing France’s 5 million civil servants.

French railways operator denies offering migrants free travel

The SNCF denied media reports that migrants were to get free tickets to travel around France, but said waving reservation fees was a 'possibility'.

After BA, Eurostar bars obese Frenchman

The clinically obese 22 year-old, travelling home from the US after receiving medical teatment, was forced to cross the Channel by ferry.

New low-cost train service launched in France

French national rail operator SNCF is offering a new low-cost long-distance service to passengers, in bid to compete with budget airlines and cars.

New Air France fares target bag-free travellers

French carrier says one-way "MiNi" tickets will start at 49 euros including tax for the 40 percent of people who travel without checked baggage.