France bows to Obama and backs down on climate ‘treaty’

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Paris agrees new global climate accord will not be called a 'treaty' and might not contain legally-binding emissions reduction targets.

Overstretched France invokes EU mutual defence clause

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An article of the EU treaty triggers mutual defence among member states and France will now conduct negotiations on available military help.

France and Germany agree closer eurozone ties without EU treaty change

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Deal between Paris and Berlin on tighter political union seen as blow to British premier David Cameron's own hopes for treaty changes.

French government rules out any EU treaty change for UK

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In major blow to British premier's efforts to change bloc’s rules, French minister says attempt to change treaties would be 'doomed to failure'.

France 'to block British plan to change EU treaty'

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Media reports cite senior French government source who says Paris 'will not pay an extra price to keep the UK in the EU'. 

The dire consequences of the secret treaty to deregulate the global financial markets

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Beginning in 2013, representatives of the United States, the European Union on behalf of its 28 member states, along with more than 20 other countries have been regularly meeting in Geneva to secretly negotiate a future treaty for the liberalization of the international services market, called the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). By far the largest single sector of this market is that of financial services, which the treaty plans to deregulate on despite all the evidence provided by the global financial crisis of the folly of such a move. The details of the treaty have until now been kept secret from public scrutiny, but for the recent revelation by WikiLeaks of the draft text of the treaty’s Financial Services Annex. To understand the full implications of the opaque dealings in Geneva, Martine Orange turned to Dominique Plihon, a former advisor to the French government on economic issues, alter-globalization militant and a professor with Paris-XIII university specialized in the financial economy.

EU treaty change ‘not a priority’, says Hollande

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At Anglo-French summit Hollande dismays UK premier by saying he has no desire for a new treaty before next presidential elections in 2017.

France, Germany celebrate 50 years of post-war alliance

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Der Spiegel takes a cross-Rhine view of the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty that normalized relations between Germany and France after WW II.