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Trial opens in Paris of Basque separatists charged with policeman's murder

Two of six members of ETA are accused of officer's murder, the others with theft and kidnapping, after a gun battle with Paris police in 2010.

Prosecutor demands suspended jail term for top Sarkozy aide in ministry cash scam


At the end of an eight-day trial in Paris of five prefects charged with embezzling public funds, prosecutors have demanded a 30-month suspended jail sentence and a 75,000-euro fine for Nicolas Sarkozy’s former chief of staff and ex-interior minister, Claude Guéant, who they described as playing “the leading role” in a scam that siphoned off 210,000 euros in cash reserved for police investigations. Michel Deléan reports.

Foreign Legion officers stand trial for death of recruit in training exercise

The Slovakian, 25, died in extreme conditions in a tough Horn of Africa desert training camp after he was refused water and made to climb steep slope.

Disgraced former minister Jérôme Cahuzac to stand trial for tax fraud

Budget minister was forced to resign in 2013 after Mediapart revealed that he held a secret Swiss bank account.


Former minister and top Sarkozy aide sent for trial over cash payments

Ex-interior minister Claude Guéant will be tried in September over claims he received secret monthly tax-free cash bonus of 10,000 euros.

French farmer on trial for killing 'truffle thief'

Laurent Rambaud, 37, says he felt threatened when he came across a man while guarding his farm in south-eastern France in 2010.

French man faces third trial in long-running paedophilia ring case

The Outreau affair - named after French seaside town where the participants lived - rocked France when it first hit the headlines in 2001.

Former French minister and police chief 'to stand trial' over cash payments

Claude Guéant © Reuters Claude Guéant © Reuters

Former French minister Claude Guéant and a former director-general of the French national police force, Michel Gaudin, are to stand trial later this year on charges of misappropriation of public funds, Mediapart has learnt. The judicial investigation into the two men was prompted by an official administration report which found that Guéant received a secret monthly tax-free bonus of 10,000 euros in cash between the summer of 2002 and up to the summer of 2004, paid out of funds destined for police activities, while he served as chief-of-staff to then interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Michel Deléan reports.

Ageing French 'jihadist' stands trial in Paris

Gilles Le Guen, 60, faces ten years in jail for allegedly collaborating with Al-Qaeda’s branch in Mali, where he was captured in 2013.

Retired French electrician and wife guilty of 'receiving' stolen Picasso hoard

The pensioner claimed 271 works by Pablo Picasso, stored in his garage, were gifts from the artist's widow for odd jobs he did at her home.

French prosecutors seek trial of HSBC Swiss arm for abetting tax evasion

The financial crime prosecutors' office has ecommended charges be brought against the bank for encouraging tax fraud and money laundering.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex-ring pimping trial ends

The presiding judge of the trial of the former IMF chief, accused of pimping in orgies organised with cohorts, will deliver his verdicts in June.

Prosecutor calls for Dominique Strauss-Kahn's acquittal

The prosecutor at the Lille trial into a sex ring involving the former IMF chief said there was insufficient evidence he was involved in pimping.

The mist starts clearing in Bettencourt abuse trial


The trial of ten men accused of profiting from the dementia-suffering multi-billionaire Liliane Bettencourt enters its final stages on Monday, after three weeks of hearings. The court in Bordeaux has heard the extraordinary detail of how a disparate group of defendants, including high-society dandies, wealth managers, lawyers, solicitors and a former minister, gravitated around the fortune of the L’Oréal cosmetic company heiress, as first revealed by Mediapart in 2010. This week the court in Bordeaux will proceed with the last cross-examinations, before hearing the final arguments of the defence and prosecution. Mediapart’s legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan, present in court since the start of the case, reports on the outcome so far.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn may win acquittal but trial exposes social misery

Prostitutes' testimony during the trial in which the former IMF chief answered charges of pimping reveals world of deprivation and abuse.