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France boosted by Moody’s, seeks to brush off S&P’s downgrade

Ratings agency Moody's maintains triple-A rating for France, despite the downgrade inflicted on the country by Standard & Poor's last Friday.

France loses an 'A' but gains a true election debate

Le 9 décembre. © Elysé Le 9 décembre. © Elysé

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s announced Friday that it had downgraded France’s triple-A credit rating to AA+. Mediapart editor François Bonnet argues here that the downgrade has stripped bare President Nicolas Sarkozy’s attempts, as he prepares to announce his candidature for re-election in April, to hide the amplitude of the economic crisis and his own failures in Europe and at home.

Eurozone thrown into new crisis after France loses AAA rating

Europe plunges into a fresh crisis after France was stripped of its coveted AAA rating in a mass downgrade of at least half a dozen eurozone countries.

France confirms loss of top AAA credit rating

French finance minister François Baroin has confirmed that France has lost its top AAA credit rating from ratings agency Standard & Poor's.

Fitch insists no triple-A downgrade expected for France

Ratings firm Fitch says France is not in crisis and it will not downgrade its triple-A rating unless its debt is sharply increased by eurozone woes.

French downgrade could derail eurozone rescue

In another blow to Europe's beleaguered rescue fund, speculation is growing that France will eventually lose its top-tier AAA credit rating.

Sarkozy abandons holiday as downgrade fears rock France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy cut short his holidays and pledged to pare down debts as fears grew of downgrade in France's triple-A rating.