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Knife-wielding man attacks army patrol in Paris station

A French soldier escaped injury after a knifeman who attacked him and colleagues on foot patrol in the busy central Paris underground train station Châtelet was wrestled to the ground and detained, prompting the opening of a counter-terrorism investigation. 

Macron in lightning visit to French troops in Mali

In a visit lasting just a few hours, President Emmanuel Macron on Friday met some of the 4,000 French troops engaged in Mali to fight jihadist forces in the north and the wider Sahel region, pledge that France will continue to defend the West African country and to provide aide for its development.   

French foreign minister urges UN to condemn Syria chemical attacks

Jean-Marc Ayrault called for the UN Security Council, which includes Russia, to take a stand over Syrian government troops use of toxic gases.

France to boost number of troops in Ivory Coast

Move comes at time of growing regional terror threats and after Islamist attack on Grand Bassam beach resort in March that left 19 people dead.

France to deploy 1,600 extra police after Brussels attacks

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Paris is deploying additional police to border crossings and air, sea and rail infrastructure.

French public back military intervention in Syria

In BVA poll 55 percent said they would support French action in Syria compared to 64 percent who were against it in 2013.

France's poisoned legacy in the Central African Republic

French troops sent to protect tens of thousands displaced by the violence are now accused of exploiting the lawlessness engulfing the nation.

France to keep 10,000 troops on its streets

The numbers of troops deployed in a security plan introduced after the January Paris terrorist attacks will be maintained in the immediate future.

France mobilizing 10,000 troops after deadly Paris attacks

Defence minister announces use of soldiers on home soil with 4,700 personnel deployed at France's 717 Jewish schools.

France marks end of deployment in Kabul

Around 150 French soldiers who helped run military airport hand over responsibility to Turkish unit working under the new NATO mission.

France to deploy more troops on streets following attacks

Terrorism was rule out for two attacks in which vehicles were driven at city-centre crowds, but PM Valls said he understood public 'worry'.

France says it has 'neutralised' nearly 200 jihadists in Sahel

French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says some important leaders are among those killed or captured, mostly in Mali and Niger.

French forces say 24 extremists killed in Mali operation

The operation in the Kidal region, which cost the life of one French soldier, weakened terrorist networks in north of the country, says army.

French troops to take up station close to Libyan border

A senior French military official has said troops are to move to a desert outpost close to the Libyan border to obstruct arms trafficking.

Europe's salvation 'came from the south' says Hollande at southern D-Day anniversary

French president also praised role of African troops whose sacrifice 'bound our country to Africa with a bond of blood that no one can undo'.