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Clashes sweep Central African capital ahead of French troops

Fighting came to Bangui just as U.N. authorized a French and African intervention force to prevent bloodbath between Christians and Muslims.

Hollande honours African role in France's WWI fight

As France launches commemorations for next year's hundredth anniversary of WWI, President Hollande says that no soldier should be 'forgotten'.

France will keep to Mali troop reduction calendar

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says the killing of two French journalists in Kidal will not affect timetable of the withdrawal of French troops.

France called to help in Central African Republic crisis

France, whose troops this year halted an Islamist assault towards Mali's capital, is now in demand from another of its former African colonies.

France says its forces kill 10 Islamist militants in Mali

Gun battle in northern Mali comes as simmering violence threatens security at November elections and is set to delay French troop withdrawal.

France troops capture suspected French jihadist in Mali

Authorities had been searching for Gilles Le Guen since October when he published a video in which he warned France not to interfere in Mali.

France starts troop pullout from Mali after anti-Islamist offensive

Paris aims to complete withdrawal of 3,000 soldiers this year and keep a permanent 1,000-strong force to support U.N. peacekeeping mission.

France launches major offensive on Mali Islamists

Force of 1,000 soldiers has begun a sweep of a river valley thought to be a logistics base for armed Islamists near the Malian city of Gao.

Analysis: Mali insurgency endangers French pull-out plan

Many in northern Mali who lived under rebel rule last year are worried about French plans to leave just 1,000 troops in the country by December.

French and Malian troops engaged by Islamists in Timbuktu

French and Malian troops were engaged this weekend in a battle with Islamist rebels who resurfaced in the northern Mali town of Timbuktu.

Central African Republic rebels in capital, France sends troops

Paris sends in more troops to secure international airport as rebels clash with government forces in captal of the mineral-rich former French colony.

France confirms death of Islamist commander Abou Zeid

Abou Zeid, who was a senior figure in al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), was killed during fighting in northern Mali at the end of February.

Fifth French soldier killed in Mali

The victim was a French corporal who was tracking down jihadist fighters in their northern Mali mountain bastions, officials said.

French soldier dies amid fierce clashes in Mali

The 26 year-old paratrooper, killed fighting Islamist militants in northern Mali, is third French soldier to die since the intervention began in January.

France's military operation in Mali in 'final phase'

French President Francois Hollande has said his country's forces are engaged in the "final phase" of the fight against militants in northern Mali.