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French, Malian forces take jihadist stronghold near north Mali’s largest city

About 1,000 forces from France, Mali and other African countries are now in the town of Bourem, according to a French military official.

France plans to start Mali pullout in March

France has repeated its troops will start leaving Mali in March, while officials confirmed new hostilities with Jihadist groups near the town of Gao.

French troops take Timbuktu airport

French paratroopers have taken control of the airport and roads surrounding fabled Malian desert town of Timbuktu as Islamists flee.

Mali Islamists 'tougher than France anticipated'

French troops' initial clashes have shown that the desert fighters are better trained and equipped than France had expected before intervention.

EU to send training mission to Mali

Move comes as French foreign minister Laurent Fabius warns that the chaos in the African country is a risk for all of Europe.

French president's 'blinkered and lonely' war in Mali


President François Hollande has just become involved in a large-scale war in Mali. Already some 800 French troops are on the ground in the African country, with the number expected to increase to 2,500 in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile French aircraft have been carrying out strikes across the country. President Hollande sent in the troops last Friday, January 11th, after Mali's interim president made an urgent plea for help as Islamic rebels headed towards the country's capital. However, argues Mediapart's editor François Bonnet, the intervention has taken place in an impromptu manner, with shifting objectives, an unclear timetable and after having deliberately ignored the complex processes of political negotiations. As a result, he says, France finds itself alone without its European allies in a country that has completely fallen apart.

France's Mali intervention a risk for 'new' Hollande

The rapidity of the intervention in Mali has revealed a man capable of bold and dangerous decisions but the fallout is potentially enormous.

Mali: Britain sends planes to help French

Britain will provide transport planes to assist the French military operation in Mali, as France attempts to contain al Qaeda-linked rebels.

Hollande steps up France security over Mali and Somalia

French president orders security to be stepped up around public buildings and transport because of military operations in Africa.

French troops conducting military operations against extremists in Mali

Arrival of the French forces dramatically ups stakes in conflict in a swath of lawless desert where terrorism and kidnapping have flourished.

France stands aside from Central African Republic civil war

President François Hollande makes plain that France will not defend Central African Republic’s government against advancing rebels.

Last French combat troops leave Afghanistan

Departure comes two years before a deadline for all NATO combat forces to withdraw, hastened by attacks and a change of government in Paris.

Salary software system leaves angry French troops unpaid

French defence minister promises that a software problem behind non-payment of salaries to French military will be fixed by Christmas.

France's Afghanistan pull-out decision raises worries

France's decision to sharply accelerate troop departure from Afghanistan highlights potential cracks in the U.S.-led military coalition in the country.

France considers early Afghanistan pull-out

President Sarkozy orders suspension of all training activities by French forces in Afghanistan, while ministers speak of possible early troop pull-out.