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Why France's rural populations feel 'abandoned'


The Aube département or county in the north-east of France is a rural area that also has pockets of industrialisation. Here, apart from the 'fake jobs' controversy surrounding right-wing candidate François Fillon, the presidential election campaign seems not to have had much of an impact so far. This has left the far-right Front National to take advantage of the relative indifference of the other candidates towards issues affecting those who live in the French countryside. Mathilde Goanec reports.

Archeologists unearth 'exceptional' Celtic prince burial site in France

A huge necropolis unearthed by a roundabout near Troyes, east of Paris, is thought to date from the fifth century BC.

French minibus crash leaves six dead

Four children and two adults died after a minibus collided head-on with a lorry near the town of Troyes in north-east France.