France racism row over doctors' Africa virus testing comments

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In TV debate one doctor suggested trials in Africa to see if a tuberculosis vaccine would prove effective against coronavirus.

Revealed: mayor who refused baby burial has history of anti-Roma sentiment


Christian Leclerc, the mayor of Champlan near Paris who provoked a media storm last weekend when he refused to allow a Roma baby to be buried in his town, has form when it comes to antipathy towards the community. Since the controversy Leclerc has sought to portray himself as a victim of the media and political opponents and claims he has been misrepresented. But Mediapart has got hold of a recording of a recent council meeting in which the mayor denigrated the Roma people in his area. He also wrote a letter to local residents in which he fuelled their fears over a suspected case of tuberculosis. Carine Fouteau and Ellen Salvi report.

France's top court to decide if two elephants die

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The country's highest court is to decide whether to give two allegedly tuberculosis-infected elephants a stay of execution after a public outcry.

French alarm over spread of drug-resistant TB

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Increasing numbers of Eastern European nationals are being admitted to hospital in France with multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.