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Fiasco looms for the Lyon-Turin alpine rail project

Early construction work on the Lyon-Turin rail link tunnel. Early construction work on the Lyon-Turin rail link tunnel.

The project launched in 2001 to build a high-speed rail link between the southern French city of Lyon and the northern Italian city of Turin, via what is now to be a 57.5 kilometres-long tunnel under the Alps as its centrepiece, is facing mounting opposition from environmentalists and inhabitants of the Maurienne valley in France and the Susa valley in Italy through which the link will pass. The project for the rail link, estimated to cost a total of 26 billion euros, now faces serious legal challenges in France, amid spiralling costs and hesitations over its funding which have drawn sharp criticism from bodies that include France’s national audit court. Jade Lindgaard reports.

How Calais migrant crisis has worsened since Macron's visit

By Elisa Perrigueur
Migrants living rough in Calais, February 2nd, 2018. © Elisa Perrigueur Migrants living rough in Calais, February 2nd, 2018. © Elisa Perrigueur

A recent battle between groups of migrants in Calais left 21 people injured, including five with gunshot wounds. Four were left in a critical condition. Local voluntary groups on the ground say that the situation in the Channel port town has got worse in recent weeks, notably after a visit by President Emmanuel Macron and because of a policy of not allowing any new migrant camps to spring up. Elisa Perrigueur reports from Calais.

Man dies as 1,500 migrants try to enter Channel Tunnel

Victim, said to be Sudanese and aged between 25 and 30, is reported to have been hit by a lorry as UK's PM calls Calais situation 'very concerning'.

Travel chaos as Eurotunnel blames 'migrant activity' for shutdowns

Cross-channel operator said migrants entering French tunnel entrance forced interruption of services that caused widespread disruption.

'Why the planned Lyon-Turin railway line should be sabotaged'

Erri de Luca Erri de Luca

On Tuesday February 24th the French president François Hollande and Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi met in Paris to give their full backing to the highly-controversial high-speed rail link between Lyon and Turin. Much of the bitter opposition to the railway focuses on the planned 57km tunnel through the Alps between the Susa valley in Italy and the Maurienne valley in France. One of the most vehement opponents of the scheme is acclaimed Italian novelist and translator Erri de Luca. His comment that the railway project should be “sabotaged” has now landed him in court for the alleged incitement of a crime, over which he faces a five-year jail term if found guilty. Here the Italian author talks to Mathilde Auvillain about his determination to defend his right to freedom of expression.

French entrepreneurs cashing in on English side of the tunnel

Lower taxes and more jobs are drawing French companies to Ashford on the railway line between London and Paris.