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French woman with Down's syndrome presents TV weather news

Mélanie Ségard, 21, realised what she said was her dream of hosting the forecast on the national public channel France 2 on Tuesday night, which was the result of a social media campaign by a French charity in an effort to promote awareness and inclusion of disabled people.

Outrage after French TV show panelist kisses woman's breast

The 54-year-old kissed the young woman on the breast after she refused he embrace her, prompting calls for his prosecution amid a series of recent damning revelations of sexual assault and harassment by both TV personalities and politicians in France. 

French president speaks of "immense sadness" over TV reality show deaths

François Hollande was speaking after three sports champions, five film crew and two pilots died in a helicopter collision while filming in Argentina.

Why French-made series are invading American TV

High-end English-language programming with French backers has quietly become de rigueur in Hollywood.

Racist France is back, says country’s first black newsreader

The popular presenter Harry Roselmack claims the recent monkey jibes against the justice minister made him feel 'reduced to my negro condition’.

Media analyst convicted over France 2 Palestinian boy footage

The expert was found guilty of defamation after accusing state television network of staging video depicting boy being killed in Gaza.

Hollande readies to bite back in TV interview

President François Hollande will appear on television Sunday to present his policy agenda, eager to stem slumping ratings and image of inertia.

US, France mark 50th anniversary of first TV satellite

Fifty years ago a beach ball-sized satellite carried the first live television images across the Atlantic, starting a new era of global communications.