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French tyre maker Michelin to cut up to 2,300 jobs over three years

Michelin is yet another auto-industry victim of the Covid-19 pandemic in a sector, which was already struggling with the shift to electric vehicles from diesel and petrol cars. 

Toxic tyre reef project dismantled in southern France

A 1980s project that dumped 25,000 tyres into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the French Riviera to create an artificial reef is being dismantled after researchers found the tyres were leaking chemicals, including dangerous heavy metals, into the environment.

French tyremaker Michelin to shed 494 jobs

But company says departures at its historic factory at Clermont-Ferrand will not be compulsory and it will invest millions of euros in site.

Taxi drivers take to the streets in day of French strikes

Hundreds of taxi drivers took to the streets of Paris, burning car tyres and blocking routes to the capital’s principal airports in major protest.

Patriarch of France’s Michelin tyre dynasty dies at 89

François Michelin, who ran the family business for 47 years, was the grandson of Edouard Michelin, who founded the tyre firm in 1889.

French minister orders custom checks on US company tyres in spat

News of tightening of checks on Titan tyres comes after row last month in which the US firms's CEO Maurice Taylor mocked France's work ethics.

France responds to American CEO's 'three hours of work' jibe

Minister Arnaud Montebourg blasts Maurice Taylor's "insulting" note as "extremist" and "demonstrating a "perfect ignorance of our country".


US boss mocks 'three hours a day' French workers

The head of US tyremaker Titan has mocked French workers and told ministers his company would be "stupid" to take over a troubled French factory.