Top Swiss court allows French tax authorities access to UBS accounts


In a landmark decision for the Swiss banking sector, Switzerland’s highest court on Friday ruled in favour of a request from the French tax authorities to gain access to the personal records of around 40,000 accounts held with Swiss bank UBS by French residents, and which are estimated to total assets of up to 11 billion euros.

Paris court judgment says UBS ignored staff warnings on tax dodging

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The written judgment of the Paris court which on Thursday ruled that swiss bank UBS must pay a penalty of 4.5 billion euros for its practices of seeking out wealthy clients in France and helping them evade taxes through money laundering says that the bank refused to heed warnings by its staff over the illegal system. 

UBS says huge French tax fraud case settlement 'unthinkable'

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The Swiss banking group could avoid trial over the alleged massive tax evasion it is accused of having helped among its French customers if it agrees to a settlement, but said it could never agree to a write-off of the 1.1 billion-euros it handed over three years ago as a bail bond, which its legal counsel claimed was "not at all the market price".

France 'asks Switzerland to hand over 45,000 UBS accounts'

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The reported request to Swiss authorities to hand over client information for the bank accounts is part of a French probe into alleged tax fraud.

UBS to reveal details of French accounts in tax investigation

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Swiss banking giant UBS says it has been ordered to hand over client information to French tax authorities amid tax fraud allegations.

French arm of UBS faces probe into possible witness tampering

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Investigation by the French authorities into the French section of the Swiss bank follows a complaint by a former employee.

French court rules Swiss bank UBS bullied ex-employee

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Stéphanie Gibaud said harassment got worse after she refused to destroy client documents that she said could be useful to a tax evasion probe.

French judges seek assistance of UBS American whistleblower

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Bradley Birkenfeld, an ex-UBS employee who helped US prosecution of the bank for aiding tax evasion is to help similar probe in France.

Swiss bank UBS could face five-billion-euro fine in France

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Bank faces huge penalty if convicted of encouraging wealthy French citizens to set up dual accounts to hide cash in Switzerland.

Why French judges landed UBS with 1.1 billion-euro bail demand


The Paris Court of Appeal this week upheld a decision that Swiss bank UBS must post bail of 1.1 billion euros while a judicial investigation into its alleged role in massive, organised tax evasion continues. The colossal bail sum, the highest ever demanded in France, was ordered this summer by magistrates leading the probe into Switzerland’s largest bank which, if sent for trial, faces a far greater fine. Mediapart has gained access to the confidential magistrates’ judicial order in July, in which they detail their investigations and justify the bail. Dan Israel reports.

UBS placed under investigation in France for tax evasion

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The Swiss bank is suspected of encouraging tax evasion in France between 2004-2012 and was ordered to pay a 1.1bln-euro guarantee.

Swiss bank UBS bars staff from travelling to France

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Reports say wealth management staff were ordered to stay away from France where the bank is under investigation for helping tax evasion.

French lawmakers demand protection for tax evasion whistleblowers after key witness arrested in Switzerland


A cross-party group of French parliamentarians have reacted with outrage over the arrest and imprisonment in Switzerland earlier this month of French banker-turned-whistleblower Pierre Condamin-Gerbier (pictured), a former executive of the Geneva-based Reyl bank who has become a key witness to investigations into tax evasion in France via Swiss financial institutions. The lawmakers have joined with Mediapart in launching an initiative calling for the protection of whistleblowers and for Condamin-Gerbier's release from custody.

French football stars cry foul over UBS 'offshore' account allegations

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UBS and its subsidiary UBS France were earlier this year placed under formal investigation for conspiracy in illegal sales of banking services in a wide-ranging judicial probe into evidence suggesting the bank enabled wealthy French nationals to evade tax on assets deposited in undeclared Swiss accounts. Mediapart has gained exclusive access to documents that illustrate how UBS enticed wealthy French footballers to place their assets with the bank, and which raise further questions over its suspected complicity in tax fraud. Mathilde Mathieu, Michaël Hajdenberg and Dan Israel report.

UBS under formal investigation in France over tax evasion

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After its French subsidiary was put under investigation, Swiss-based UBS bank faces probe over allegedly helping clients open undeclared accounts.