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France and Germany join UK in signing up to Chinese-led Asia bank

The move to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was a snub to the US which rebuked the UK for strengthening Chinese influence.

French daily reveals HSBC whistleblower's 'unfound' 2008 email to UK tax office

Le Monde has uncovered an email by Hervé Falciani offering information on tax dodgers and which UK tax officials claimed no knowledge of.

France denies UK claims it blocked use of HSBC data to pursue bank and criminals

The French finance minister has denied UK government claims that it was refused permission to use leaked bank files to bring prosecutions.

France 'to block British plan to change EU treaty'

Media reports cite senior French government source who says Paris 'will not pay an extra price to keep the UK in the EU'. 

France, UK to join US humanitarian assistance in Iraq: Obama

US president says French and British leaders agreed to join in efforts to relieve populations isolated and fleeing Islamic State forces.

UPDATE: Russia, US and key EU states hold Paris talks over Ukraine crisis

US state secretary John Kerry and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov held their first face-to-face talks, which are to continue over coming days.

Anelka gesture comic Dieudonne banned from UK

Home Office has barred entry to the French comedian, who had been due to visit his friend the West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka.

EU treaty change ‘not a priority’, says Hollande

At Anglo-French summit Hollande dismays UK premier by saying he has no desire for a new treaty before next presidential elections in 2017.

Total buys into British shale gas explorations

French oil giant Total has become the first major company to buy licences for British shale gas explorations, a process banned in France.

France showing more fighting spirit than Britain, says UK defence chief

General Sir Nicholas Houghton praised French interventions in Africa, warning that the UK displayed a “creeping aversion to risk".

France calls on Britain to 'share' Calais immigrant 'burden'

Interior minister wants 'renegotiation' of the Anglo-French agreement which led to closure of notorious Sangatte refugee camp in 2002.

France on alert as hurricane-force storm heads for northern Europe

France, Britain, Ireland and the Benelux countries are threatened by a major storm sweeping over the Atlantic and which threatens severe damage.

Britain's top manadarin says French diplomats are best

UK diplomats have been told to learn lessons from the French, if they want to become the best diplomatic service in the world.

UK 'loses 1.2 billion euros tax returns per year' from Monaco expats

More than 2,000 Britons living in Monaco, including 533 UK company directors, yearly cost the UK economy more than 1.2 billion euros in lost taxes.

France and Britain 'agree on eurozone bank supervision'

France and the UK agree EU plan for the European Central Bank to supervise eurozone banks, with London taking part in decision-making process.