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France on alert as hurricane-force storm heads for northern Europe

France, Britain, Ireland and the Benelux countries are threatened by a major storm sweeping over the Atlantic and which threatens severe damage.

Britain's top manadarin says French diplomats are best

UK diplomats have been told to learn lessons from the French, if they want to become the best diplomatic service in the world.

UK 'loses 1.2 billion euros tax returns per year' from Monaco expats

More than 2,000 Britons living in Monaco, including 533 UK company directors, yearly cost the UK economy more than 1.2 billion euros in lost taxes.

France and Britain 'agree on eurozone bank supervision'

France and the UK agree EU plan for the European Central Bank to supervise eurozone banks, with London taking part in decision-making process.

How France helped both sides in the Falklands War

As the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War approaches, the BBC reports on how a French arms technical team leant help to the Argentine junta.

French crime probe into 'Nazi bash' British MP

France launches criminal investigation into Nazi-themed stag party attended by UK Conservative Party MP Aidan Burley held in French alpine resort.

UK deputy PM Nick Clegg slams French PM Fillon for 'unacceptable' comments

British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has told the French prime minister that steps should be taken to "calm the rhetoric" on the UK economy.

Angry salvos sail across the Channel on euro pact

To the long list of victims emerging from Europe's financial crisis, make room for a new one, namely the Entente Cordiale between Britain and France.

Britain and France and their most un-seasonal greetings

We are all in the same sinking boat and France and the UK would be wise to focus on rowing in the same direction, argues a Guardian editorial.

France targets UK credit rating

France's Prime Minister François Fillon and central bank chief broke protocol to say the ratings agencies should target London before Paris.

Did Nicolas Sarkozy snub David Cameron's handshake at EU treaty summit?

The Daily Telegraph asks whether French President Nicolas Sarkozy really did snub a handshake with UK Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels.

France, Germany find eurozone deal without UK

The EU summit in Brussels sees agreement among eurozone members to a tax and budget pact after the UK vetoed modification of the EU Treaty.

Cameron and Sarkozy to meet Friday for eurozone talks in Paris

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Friday for talks centred on the eurozone crisis.

France offers UK expert police to help bring looters to justice

The French Ministry of Interior has reportedly offered to send to Britain police experts who have extensive "expertise" in catching rioters.