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Russian sailors get French warship training

Around 400 Russian sailors are in France for training on warship that France is selling to Russia despite US concern over Ukraine crisis.

Hollande, Merkel tell Putin of their 'extreme concern' over Ukraine events

The French and German leaders spoke to their Russian counterpart by phone hours after a Ukranian army plane was shot down leaving 49 dead.

Putin and Hollande to discuss Ukraine crisis in Paris

The Russian and French leaders are to meet for talks on Ukraine and 'bi-lateral issues' on the eve of June 6 D-Day commemorations in France.

Despite pressure, France won't cancel warship deal with Russia

Though US wants France to delay or scrap €1.2 billion contract, French officials say ending contact would harm Paris more than Moscow.

Hollande says sale of warships to Russia still on 'for now'

French president says deal over sale of two Mistral warships was signed back in 2011 and will be completed in October despite Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine crisis: France, Germany threaten Russia over poll

France's Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel hint at tougher sanctions if presidential elections on May 25 do not take place.

French president to travel to Georgia 'within days' as Ukraine crisis deepens

François Hollande will visit Russia's southern neighbour as it mulls signing same EU pact that was rejected by Ukraine's former president.

Paris talks on Ukraine end in US-Russia deadlock

US Secretary of State John Kerry tells press conference that there was no breakthrough after four hours of talks with his Russian counterpart.

Kerry arrives in Paris for Ukraine talks

The US Secretary of State meets in Paris with Russian foreign minister on Sunday evening for talks at the Russian ambassador's residence.

Kerry to meet Russian counterpart in Paris for Ukraine talks

The US Secretary of State and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov are to meet on Sunday in an effort to defuse tensions in current standoff.

France suspends 'most' military cooperation with Russia

France will also offer to send four fighter jets to Baltic states to boost NATO air patrols over the region should the military alliance request them.

Ukraine: France warns Russia it could cancel warships deal

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says £1bn contract for two high-tech Mistral warships could be blocked if situation escalates.

Ukraine crisis: Russia sanctions could start this week, says France

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius warns measures against Russia could kick in soon if Moscow does not respond to Western proposals to solve crisis.

Amid Ukraine crisis, French-made warship sets sail for delivery to Russia

The troop, tank and helicopter carrier is part of a 1.2-billion-euro deal, the biggest-ever sale of NATO weaponry to Moscow, agreed in 2011.

UPDATE: Russia, US and key EU states hold Paris talks over Ukraine crisis

US state secretary John Kerry and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov held their first face-to-face talks, which are to continue over coming days.