Hackers target Mediapart


Mediapart was on Thursday targeted by a computer attack which made access to the site difficult or, for some, impossible. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by a Franco-Israeli hacker who operates under the alias of Ulcan, and follows recent attacks led by him against French website Rue89  which were coupled with vicious hoax phone calls targeting its journalists and which have had serious consequences.

French minister: 'Why I banned Gaza protests'

France — Interview

In an interview with Mediapart the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has justified his controversial decision to ban a number of planned protests over the Israeli war against Gaza. In doing so Cazeneuve insisted that it was his decision to ban those demonstrations, and not that of the president François Hollande or prime minister Manuel Valls. The interior minister insisted his ministry had “concrete evidence” that synagogues and Jewish businesses were going to be singled out in those protests. During the interview Cazeneuve also said he had often joined marches in the Palestinian cause in the past and “would have done so again” had he not been in office. Fabrice Arfi, Louise Fessard and Mediapart's editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel report.