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Sarkozy allies placed under investigation in election funding fraud probe

Trio probed for forgery and abuse of trust in connection with Bygmalion affair concerning Sarkozy's 2012 election campaign.

Nicolas Sarkozy outlines plan to save France

Former French president says he would allow firms to scrap 35-hour week, cut taxes and shrink country's civil service.

Three placed under investigation over Sarkozy's 2012 campaign finances

The trio worked for PR firm Bygmalion and a subsidiary which organised events for former president's failed re-election bid in 2012.

Four arrested in French opposition party funding probe

The arrests are part of a fraud investigation into an events firm employed by the UMP party during Nicolas Sarkozy's 2012 election campaign.

The turning of coats as Sarkozy returns


Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy appeared in a television interview on Sunday in his first public appearance since announcing his bid to become head of the conservative opposition UMP party, in a move to return as the party’s candidate in presidential elections due in 2017. Apart from his predictably harsh attack on President François Hollande’s record in office, Sarkozy on Sunday made a clear attempt to soften his image, not least among his own ranks, as an abrasive and self-centred figure, admitting to past “errors”, including the belief that “one can succeed alone”. For after his defeat in 2012, a number of members of his former government rounded on Sarkozy as being, variously, “impulsive”, “narcissistic”, “cut off from reality”, and “obsessed by money”. Ellen Salvi reports on the less-than-flattering appreciations of Sarkozy by those who knew him well, and the surprising turning of coats since his return to the fray.   

The judicial cloud darkening Sarkozy's new bid for power

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Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday announced, via Facebook, that he will run in elections this autumn to become head of the conservative opposition party, the UMP, ending months of speculation over his widely-tipped return to active politics. Sarkozy’s move to grab the reins of the UMP is regarded as the first stage in his ultimate aim to stand as the party’s presidential election candidate in 2017. Meanwhile, he faces significant obstacles with his implication in numerous investigations into suspected corruption, along with other cases that target his close allies. Michel Deléan reports on the judicial minefield awaiting Sarkozy, and which is arguably what has driven his return to the fray.

Nicolas Sarkozy announces his return to active politics

Former French president used Facebook to declare his bid to become head of the opposition UMP party, ahead of presidential elections in 2017.

Nicolas Sarkozy's impending return piles pressure on François Hollande

Friends of ex-president say he is about to announce bid for leadership of UMP opposition party to pave way for 2017 presidential elections.

Juppé presidential bid throws Sarkozy comeback off kilter


Former French prime minister Alain Juppé on Wednesday announced he will run to be his conservative UMP party’s candidate in presidential elections due in 2017. The surprise declaration by the 69 year-old Gaullist veteran has upstaged his main rival, Nicolas Sarkozy, who was widely expected to announce a return to political life in the coming weeks. More importantly, Juppé has forced Sarkozy into a primary contest the latter hoped to avoid, and which threatens his ambition of re-claiming the presidency he lost in 2012. Hubert Huertas analyses the upset caused by the risky move of a man who as at last taken the lead after playing second fiddle during almost 40 years in politics.

UMP meltdown: the self-destruction of France's main opposition party

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Debts of nearly 80 million euros, a party leader who had to step down over an election funding scandal, warring factions, public attacks, leaked allegations that senior party figures and their relatives have been milking its finances for their own benefit and continuing scandals surrounding its talismanic figure Nicolas Sarkozy... France's main opposition party the UMP seems on the brink of a political abyss. Indeed, one senior figure in it has claimed that the right-wing party is “already dead”. Mathilde Mathieu, Ellen Salvi and Marine Turchi report on a party crisis that shows no sign of abating and could end in its destruction.

French opposition UMP party faces 80 million euro debt mountain

Audit says the UMP must cut running costs and seek new credit agreements with its banks as new party bosses try to 'guarantee its survival'.

Sarkozy hit with fresh inquiry over election financing

Following 'active corruption' claims, a fresh investigation is looking into the financing of former president's failed 2012 re-election bid.

French Right reeling over secret loan and Sarkozy election campaign fraud

The head of the parliamentary group of France’s main opposition party, the conservative UMP, faces a stormy meeting with his MP colleagues on Tuesday after Mediapart’s revelations that, without informing them, he secretly lent their cash-strapped party 3 million euros from what are largely public funds destined for financing the group’s parliamentary activities.  The scandal has outraged many within the UMP, and follows Mediapart’s earlier revelations that the party used faked invoices to hide 17 million euros of illegal overspending on the 2012 presidential election campaign of its candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy. Fabrice Arfi, Mathilde Mathieu and Ellen Salvi report.

Poll suggests French voters don't want Nicolas Sarkozy back

Though activists in opposition UMP party favour former president, public would prefer alternative candidate such as ex-premier Alain Juppé.

Sarkozy allies urge him to return and lead divided French opposition

Supporters of the former president have queued up to say he should stand for leadership of conservative UMP party which is engulfed by crisis.