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Head of French conservative opposition forced to resign over funding scam

Jean-Francois Copé quits leadership of the UMP party amid an escalating scandal of fraudulent funding of Nicolas Sarkozy's election campaign.

French conservative opposition party official admits Sarkozy funding scam

France's mainstream Right opposition party, the UMP, is further engulfed in a corruption scandal that implicates its leader and Nicolas Sarkozy.

The midnight hour approaches for France


The results in France of the European Parliament elections held on May 25th saw a landslide victory for the far-right Front National party, amid the disintegration of the Left and the collapse of the mainstream Right, choked by scandals and internal divisions. The worst-case scenario for French democracy is now an imminent possibility, writes Mediapart’s editor François Bonnet who argues here why, unless there is a major change to political dynamics, the far-right now has a real chance of taking the French presidency.

France's right-wing opposition party accused of shady deals with events firm

Party boss Jean-François Copé, whose friends run the company, dismisses claims as politically motivated on eve of Euro elections.

Electoral surge of French far-right leaves only losers among mainstream parties

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The dust has settled after the first round of voting in nationwide municipal elections in France, and a new political landscape has emerged even before the final round of voting next Sunday. Amid an abstention rate of more than 36%, the ruling Socialist Party has suffered a heavy defeat, likely to become a debacle in the second round. But it is the far-right Front National party which can claim victory, and not the mainstream conservative opposition. Hubert Huertas analyses the first-round results which see the far-right now become a part of the fabric of local politics in France. 

French opposition chief caught in party 'sting' scandal

Press report says UMP leader Jean-François Copé handed lucrative PR contract to former aides who systematically overcharged his party.

Sarkozy's 500,000-euro fine for undeclared campaign expenses paid, his allies announce his return


Amid the continuing woes of French President François Hollande, dubbed by opinion poll results as France’s most unpopular president on record, the man he beat in elections less than two years ago is apparently decided upon making a come-back attempt for the presidency in 2017. After months of rumour over an eventual renewed bid, Nicolas Sarkozy’s political ally Bernadette Chirac, wife of former president Jacques Chirac, told French radio on Wednesday that Sarkozy will indeed run against Hollande in the next elections in three years’ time. Her comments came as Mediapart has learnt that Sarkozy has settled more than 500,000 euros in fines imposed upon him for undisclosed expenses in his failed 2012 election campaign, opening the path for his return to the political forefront. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

French MPs' 'boozy dinners' slammed after sexist chicken clucks

Opposition MP accused of sexism for making clucking noises when a female member of the National Assembly tried to speak in debate.

Children political ‘hostages’ in row over French schools

Ruling socialists accuse conservative opposition of exploiting teething problems in the government’s reform of length of primary school day.

Ex-French PM's 'strategic' softening on far right

François Fillon causes party row by calling for end to treating the far-right National Front as a political pariah, but analysts see it as merely a tactic.

"Sarkothon" raises 11 mln euros and refills UMP coffers

Main opposition party says it raised money in just two months after election auditors ruled former president's 2012 campaign had overspent.

Revealed: the extreme right-wing links of leading French conservative MP's parliamentary assistant


Right-wing MP Hervé Mariton led the parliamentary opposition to the controversial bill on same-sex marriage that recently passed into law. Now Mediapart can reveal that his parliamentary assistant has close links with the extreme right, and even stood as a candidate for a radical far-right group when she was a student. The MP insists he had no idea about the woman's political affiliations when he hired her and says that she is now leaving his employment. Marine Turchi reports on an affair that once again raises the issue of links between the mainstream UMP and the far right in French politics.

Why far-right Front national were the real winners of France's latest by-election

The right-wing UMP has won the country's most recent parliamentary by-election. But the party who have most to celebrate are the far-right Front national whose candidate came close to winning a seat that was once a socialist stronghold, picking up a massive 7,000 votes between the first and second rounds of voting. The FN's strong showing has now cast doubt over the Socialist Party's policy of supporting more moderate right-wing candidates when they are in head-to-head electoral contests with far-right politicians, forming what is known as a 'republican front'. Mathieu Magnaudeix, Marine Turchi and Stéphane Alliès report on the fallout from a high-profile campaign and on the future of such election pacts in the future.

UMP defeats far-right in France by-election

Right-wing UMP party narrowly defeated the far-right National Front in a by-election caused by minister quitting over Swiss bank account scandal.

Far-right overtake socialists in by-election to elect Cahuzac replacement

The far-right Front National party is in play off with conservative UMP candidate in the consituency of disgraced former budget minister.