Appeal by France and UN raises 253m euros for Lebanon relief aid

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More than 30 international leaders and government officials took part in a video conference co-organised by France and the United Nations on Sunday to raise emergency aide funding for Lebanon after devastating explosions in its capital Beirut last week added further hardship for a population suffering a harsh economic and social crisis.

Why an international investigation into Haiti aid scandal is urgent

International — Opinion

This week marked ten years since a devastating earthquake hit the impoverished Caribbean state of Haiti, when up to 300,000 people were killed and 1.5 million others were left homeless. The ensuing reconstruction programme drew billions of dollars in aid, but also led to massive corruption. Mediapart co-founder and former editor François Bonnet, who has regularly reported on the tragedy in Haiti, details the fiasco and argues here why a thorough investigation into the gigantic scams must be led under the auspices of the UN, and those found responsible must be prosecuted. Nothing less can restore confidence in international institutions – beginning with the UN itself.

UN envoy slams France over 'dire' living conditions of migrants

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The UN’s special rapporteur for housing, Leilani Farha, has spoken out at the 'inhuman or degrading treatment' of migrants and refugees living without proper shelter in France, notably in and around Calais where, she said, 'people are being compelled to live in really dire circumstances, having already endured harrowing journeys there'.

France to take in sub-Saharan migrants freed from Libyan camps

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In the wake of footage of sub-Saharan migrants captured in Libya being sold as slaves, France has pledged to offer asylum to 25 Eritreans, Ethiopians and Sudanese, including 15 women and four children, who were taken to Niger under UN protection from detention in the North African country. 

Russia vetoes French-drafted UN resolution on Aleppo truce

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France's  Security Council resolution demanded an end to air strikes and military flights over Syria’s city of Aleppo.

France tells US that Paris climate conference is not just hot air

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French president and FM give stern rebuke to comments by US Secretary of State that the upcoming conference's decisions would not be binding.

Another French soldier in Central African Republic accused of sexual abuse

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Allegations that French soldier sexually abused a girl in her mid-to-late teens is latest in series of claims against peacekeeping forces.

At least 12 dead as French-assisted raid ends Mali siege

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Four UN contractors freed in raid, but Mali's UN peacekeeping operation MINUSMA said 5 people associated with mission had died.

France wants 'short and concise' deal at UN climate conference in Paris

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The call came in a briefing for international ministers attending preparatory talks next week in Paris ahead of December's 190-nation summit.

France launches criminal investigation into French troops CAR sex abuse claims

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The judicial probe is launched after France was criticised for slow action on claims its troops sexually abused boys in Central African Republic.

Plus ça change…the stark reality of Mali's bright new future

International — Analysis

Eighteen months ago Mediapart reported from Mali on its attempts to rebuild itself after France's military intervention to thwart an imminent terrorist takeover. At the time there was cautious optimism within the fractured African country that it could construct a more positive future. Now Mediapart has returned to Mali and the mood is very different. The cautious hopes about the future have largely given way to frustration amid the return of old-style politics and corruption. Meanwhile the country remains under the effective control of international institutions and foreign countries. As Thomas Cantaloube reports from the capital Bamako, the lack of real progress in Mali also symbolises a French vision of foreign affairs that is strong on military intervention but short on political content.

France calls for urgent intervention in Libya

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President François Hollande urged UN intervention to end militia wars, warning that otherwise 'terrorism will spread across the region'.

France asks for UN emergency meeting on Iraq

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Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said international community must bring help against 'intolerable abuses' by Islamic militants in Qaraqoush.

France wants $48 million for Park Avenue apartment

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Indebted government in Paris is selling residence of its U.N. ambassador, located in one of New York’s most prestigious apartment buildings.

France 'underestimated religious hatred in Central African Republic'

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France’s ambassador to the UN said his country 'did not foresee such deep, ingrained hatred' between Christians and Muslims in CAR.